Alma BB Vernis or Chloe Drew?

Which to choose?

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  • LV Alma BB

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Jun 6, 2010
I realize I'm posting in the LV forum here but I'm looking for opinions :P

Recently purchased a Chloe Drew in Motty grey in the mini size, but I'm not completely sold on it. Although it fills a space in my wardrobe since practically all my bags are black, I feel I may not in actuality get that much use out of it because it's a little "fancy" and it's a little finicky. Plus I'm worried it's peaked in popularity... not to say it isn't a beautiful bag, on the contrary! I can see why it's so popular when it looks gorgeous with literally anything. I guess I'm just not 100% convinced...

Enter: the Alma bb in Vernis.... I've wanted one for a while, longer than I've lusted after the Drew. I just had other items on a long wish list of handbags that I purchased instead... but I love the top handles, I love the Vernis (and have nothing in Vernis), and I feel like it may take a bit more of a beating than the Chloe, as well as be more durable.

Would love your opinions! TIA :smile:


Jason W
Aug 27, 2011
Perth, Western Australia
I personally voted for the Alma BB. I feel with Chloe's track record on their bags (think of that bag a couple years back with that giant lock I forgot the name) or even as recent as their Marcie, Bailey, etc. bags I feel as though their bags go through trends... Its sort of like a trendy brand where their pieces aren't that particularly classic. Plus the resell value of Chloe is VERY low if you look at it on preloved websites. For me I think the Alma BB even though it is in the smallest size, it is a classic and I am sure it would never be discontinued plus it serves the same purpose as the Chloe Drew and I am pretty sure it would fit more stuff in there too :smile:


Handbag Enthusiast!
May 11, 2010
Meridian, ID
It would be really helpful if you would include photos as many of us aren't familiar with other designers' bags. ;) I looked that bag up and between those two I think I'd go with the Alma bb.

Miss Krys

Jun 14, 2014
Edmonton, Canada
Alma BB; setting aside my natural preference for LV it sounds like you're not 100% happy with the Drew and that alone means that it's not a good fit for your lifestyle