Alma BB Vernis in Beige Poudre

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  1. Hi! I know there's a thread for LV in Action, and I have seen some AlmaBB in Beige Poudre there.. But i need to see more pics from the owners :smile:

    A seller who's living in Japan has a pre owned AlmaBB vernis in Beige Poudre, but I need to see moree pics and hear opinions from owners out there if this is a great colour in real life? I am looking for a neutral / light brown / gold vernis colour, but not too pale.. So not too sure if Beige Poudre will be a right choice. Help please ? :smile:
  2. I love mine. Absolutely lovely sparkles and looks wonderful accented with bag charms. I don't have it with me (I'm at work), but I'll try to remember to send a photo later

  3. Thank you! Can't wait for the picture!
  4. The color mordoré which is now being sold looks like what you described that you are looking for. Iwas so bummed that I didn't get the chance to get something in beige poudre and when mordoré came out I jumped and got the brea pm ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463675154.609558.jpg