Alma bb vernis Ceris or Magenta?

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  1. #1 Jun 13, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2016
    Hi there,I am debating myself whether to get alma bb ceris(cherry)or magenta? I can't made my mind, I like magenta, but when I tried cerise in the store, I found out it is really stunning. I just don't know ,after sometime of use, will the magenta still remain that shimmer or will it still looking good? Help me, should I go to cerise or magenta? TIA.
  2. I think both are beautiful colours but personally I would go with magenta. I have it in the pochette Felicie and I love it! The colour changes with the light and it has purple undertones and shimmer. Cerise is too bright for me but buy what makes your heart sings. If you have comparison pics it would help too. Good luck deciding
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    thanks. Cerise is a bit too bright, that's what i worry about, I am kind of hesitating. I am also worry about color transfer, I remenbered I saw somebody mentioned here that cerise is easy to get color transfer because it's still too light when compare to other darker vernis. Here are some pictures of the comparison.

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  4. I love magenta!! But, the cerise in this picture looks perfect!!! I think I'd still get magenta though.
  5. I like the Magenta. For vernis leather, i prefer it in more subtle colour. I love how magenta colour changing under different lighting :smile: Good luck with your decision :smile:
  6. Magenta
  7. So what did you get ? The Cerise is beautiful
  8. I prefer cerise, but both are nice and you can't go wrong either way