Alma bb / speedy b 25

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  1. hi, i am new here last Christmas I bought the neverfull mm , i can not afford a whole collection of Louis Vuitton , but I have those 3-4 little things that I'd love to , I'm planning to take a new bag but I am undecided between the speedy 25 b and alma bb , both in damier ebene , my style is very casual , at the beginning I thought I would take the classic speedy but can not stand the bags carried by hand , I do not know what to do Sorry for my english, i ma from italy :smile:
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  2. Welcome to the club. Both choices are good ones but my vote goes to Speedy B 25. If I could only have one LV it would be this baby. It is so versatile and great for casual every day wear. Take shoulder strap off and it becomes more formal. Good luck deciding.
  3. It depends on what you would like to use it for.

    Speedy b is a great everyday bag a nice size change from the neverfull.

    The speedy b is a Mary popping bag.

    Alma BB is already a great bag but alot smaller then the speedy b in what you can carry. You have to be more compacted but great for lunch out , nights out more the speedy b . IMO.

    I find I use my neverfull and speedy b 25 for the same sort of occasions and it just depends if I want an open tote or zip closure.

    I use my alma bb for complete different occasions.

    Both are great bags
  4. It really does depend on what you want to carry. I have the Speedy 25 in DE and 2 Alama BB in Epi. The Alma BB really only fits the bare essentials, while the Speedy 25 fits a lot. As the previous poster said they are both great bags, just depends on your needs. Best thing to do is to go to the boutique and try them on and try your things in each. Have fun deciding!
  5. I would personally rather have the Speedy 25. It can hold more inside than the Alma due to its shape and soft canvas, it's a design that has been around since the 1930's - so definitely timeless, can be worn on the shoulder or carried by hand, and, because it's not hard-sided, you wouldn't have to worry about dents.
  6. I feel like the speedy is way more casual. I know people say you can carry them to formal occassions, but i dont think thats appropriate. The alma bb is more structured, will fit less, and is more formal. Id buy based on your lifestyle
  7. Hi! I just looked at both the speedy b 25 and alma bb last week, in de as well. The alma bb is very small. Only fits the most basic essentials. The speedy b 25 is much more roomy and can fit many things, like a small bottle of water. I think...Since you already have the never full mm, maybe consider the alma bb for a smaller, more elegant bag? Speedy is more casual than alma and seems to serve the same purpose as your never full. Also, I did not like the opening on the speedy b 25. So narrow, hard to use and see inside. I vote for alma bb!
  8. Thank You very much ❤️ I don't need to carry so much stuff with this two bag, the strap for the alma is to long to carry on the shoulder? I am 5.2, i really like the look of the alma Can she hold this stuff? (Mini pochette, key pouch, key holder, caissa wallet)
  9. Alma BB
  10. I love my Alma bb but as others mentioned you can't carry a ton. My Speedy 25 on the other hand fits a TON. Both are great bags - you need to determine what you need to carry. Good luck!
  11. I have the alma bb and speedy b 25 both in damier ebene. I am also 5'2'' and the alma bb strap fits perfectly on the shoulder or cross body. It's not too long or too short.
    Now based on what you want to carry, all your items you mentioned will definitely fit in the speedy. Everything but the caissa wallet will fit in the alma bb for sure. I don't have a caissa wallet, but it's pretty much the same dimensions as an emilie wallet, which I have. It technically can fit if you push it in hard enough, but it's uncomfortable to take in and out.
    Hope this helps with your decision! Both are great bags!
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  13. I can fit a mini pochette, Helene wallet, 6 key holder, phone and a compact mirror in my Alma BB. I can fit wayyyy more in my Speedy B 25 though! And I love how you can take out a part of the strap on the SpeedyB and the length is perfect for carrying on your shoulder. That said, the Alma BB is so beautiful! Maybe get the Speedy first and consider getting the Alma later on? The Speedy is definitely more casual so take into account your lifestyle, etc... Good luck!! :smile:
  14. I think you should definitely go for the Speedy since its fits more as a casual bag. I feel like Alma's complete a more formal outfit :smile: