Alma bb slanted stiches

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  1. Hi all! just purchased a alma bb and loving it! However I noticed the.stiches on the top handle is slanted, while comparing to my sister's (different style) the stitches on her bag is perfectly strait! Is thus normal or should I be worried and go for an exchange? TIA!

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  2. I wouldn't exchange because of it. I don't see it as a problem :smile: x
  3. It looks fine to me! Congrats.
  4. There will be some variance based upon the person sewing it. If it bothers you, you can see if there's another, but regardless, enjoy your bag!
  5. I've seen slanted stitching many times! Don't worry and enjoy your bag ;) congrats!!
  6. You could always take it back to compare to others but I think it looks fine. Congrats on your Alma!
  7. I used to obsess over this exact thing, in the beginning. After acquiring more LV, I realized most pieces have this "imperfection". Enjoy it. Totally standard and nothing is wrong!
  8. it's ok, coz i don't think it's a problem for me.
    enjoy your bag
  9. 😊Thanks all!