Alma BB Question

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  1. How susceptible to color transfer do you think the new alma's in blueberry or hot pink will be? I currently have a dahlia bastille that I wore crossbody and it has some marks from jeans...thanks
  2. I got the blueberry yesterday. The SA told me there was no risk of color transfer with epi leather.

    It's really beautiful :loveeyes:
  3. Did you get the bb? I have an anthracite pm but was looking for a pretty crossbody bag. Do you love it? Is it really just a nice bright blue? Also did you happen to see the hot pink? I did see the pictures that have been posted, but you know they never do bags and justice. Thanks
  4. Yep I got the BB. I also have the BB in anthracite. I love them both. The blue is kind of blue klein. It's really really nice.

    Sorry, I didn't pay attention to the Hot Pink, I'm not very into pink...
  5. Thank you
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    Could you post a pic of this color? I'd love to see it as I'm a fan of Alma BB and always looking to add another.

    **I just saw this color in its own thread. It's a gorgeous blue!
  7. here it is :loveless:
    the pic doesn't do it justice ....

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  8. Is this the true color? no hints of violet in it? :smile: