alma bb, pochette metis, or speedy b 25?

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  1. Hey everyone, I've narrowed down my potential bag choices to the Alma BB in Damier Ebene, the Pochette Metis, or the Speedy B 25 in Damier Ebene. Would love some input as to which would be best for a first time LV handbag buyer? Ideally I would like the use the bag in both casual and more formal situations and though I love the PM I know that it is more of a casual piece...thoughts??
  2. Of the three, I think the Alma BB is the only one with the potential to be both casual and formal.
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  3. As a first purchases I would say the speedy b 25, this is a great everyday bag with 3 carry options.
    However I love my alma bbs and use them for lunch and evening but I do down size my wallet and items for this.
    I guess it depends on what you normally carry and if the alma bb can work for a daily handbag for you.
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  4. I prefer the alma bb, but it really depends on what you need to carry. It can go from casual by wearing the long strap to evening by hand held.
  5. Speedy -B
    One can never go wrong with a speedy
  6. I'd choose Alma BB! perfect for either casual or formal :smile:
  7. Alma BB
  8. My vore is for pochette metis, great för crossbody (better than Alma imo). It may not fit for a wedding but I think it works for formal occasions. The PM is lovley!
  9. My choice would be the pochette Metis.
  10. For your first bag I'd go with the Speedy B because it's more versatile, it's also roomier than the other two. I love the pochette Metis but I have to downsize either my wallet or cosmetic case, or leave my agenda behind. Speedy 25 can handle all that and more. The Alma bb is cute but you'd have to downsize even more. All three are casual and can be dressed up a little, but neither are very formal since they're all canvas, IMO -- good luck deciding, let us know what you get!
  11. Alma bb & Pochette metis are both very structured. Speedy B 25 is squishy and comfy. I have 2 of the 3. I sold my pochette metis pretty quick. It was to structured for me. I like squishy and comfy so my vote is for the speedy! ;) ~ XOXO
  12. I adore my speedy b 25 but i would recommend a purse organizer (for any size speedy though). Things get lost so easily and i find it annoying sometimes;)
  13. Speedy b 25 as a first LV. Comfy, multiple carrying options and plenty of space for essentials. I love mine and use it almost exclusively!
  14. Speedy B 25. I have it in DE and the three part strap and hand carry option make this a very versatile bag. With handheld it can be a bit more formal and the strap makes it casual. I am always shocked that it can hold so much. Try all your things in all the bags at the boutique and see what you love the best. Have fun deciding!
  15. I have all 3 bags although my Speedy B 25 is in mono and Alma BB in vernis.

    I would vote for Speedy B 25 in DE since its your first bag and you will get way more use out of it since it can be used as an everyday bag, both for work and on weekends. It can fit plenty and yet it still looks compact. It will go with dresses very easily and not look totally out of place to a semi formal event. Since probably most of your days are spent casual and not formal (just an assumption), an everyday bag that is super versatile is the best choice.