Alma bb or Santiogne? Help!!!!

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Which one should I chose?

  1. Alma BB Epi Noir

  2. Santiogne Empreinte Noir

  1. C76733F6-D625-496F-B986-107664872ABC.png 8A6AA1CF-3C37-4EB4-9A8F-39D818E06271.png I’m looking for a small black bag that can go from sort of casual to evening, that will hold a decent amount. Went and looked at the Gucci Disco, but 1. I’m really a Lv girl 2. The interior felt so cheap

    My two options are either an alma bb in Epi or the Santiogne in emp.

    Whatcha think? Pros/cons with each bag? I’m so torn!
  2. If you can try these on I would. I lusted over an alma bb till I tried one & it hung weird crossbody on me because of how the strap attaches & the zip scratched my hand going in & out which was a dealbreaker for me - and I have small hands.
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  3. Can not agree more with this. I love the look of the Alma BB but the way that the crossbody strap attaches to the hook by the handle it makes the handle stick out a bit and not lie flat so for me it was a no go. If you can try it on that's the best bet.
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  4. I was going to say the same exact thing. The Alma is a beauty, but not with straps. I can’t get past the uneven handles. Not loving the saintonge either tbh- those tassels are goofy.
    Unfortunately, I think LV lacks in this category. I also have looked at the disco and marmont camera bag but wasn’t feeling it. I have very high hopes for the new wave camera bag coming out- the white one may be my next bag.
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  5. Photo: IMG_2339.JPG
    From Instagram account lvj12
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  6. Went through this as well. Strap on Saintonge would be too short for me and not loving the tassel. Alma bb strap placement makes the bag hang weird when crossbody. I ended up with the Felicie. Love the Felicie. Have two now and want more
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  7. I also love my felicie, but it is challenging when I’m wearing sunglasses. So I end up not using it as much in the summer. They are too big to fit in the bag. I need foldable ones- what do you do with your sunglasses?
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  8. Another proponent of trying bags on before you commit. I can't tell you how many times I went into a boutique with a certain bag in mind and it wasn't love at all.
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  9. They go on my head. This is a disadvantage for sure!
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  10. I love my Alma BB. Contrary to others, my fat hands can get in and out of the bag without scraping. When I tried on the Saintogne, I was disappointed. It didn’t feel like an almost $2000 bag to me. I love that the alma can be dressed up or down, and I feel the tassels make the saintogne a more casual bag, even in epi. Good luck!
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  11. Definitely agree with others saying you should try both on. The Alma has always and will probably always be 1 of my fave LVs. I don’t have issues with the zipper scratching my hands and actually like the way it looks on me. Good luck!
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  12. I have 3 Alma BB and didn‘t never had a problem with scratched hands or weird hanging. I think it‘s a beautiful and versatile bag which can dresses up and down. You should try this bag in the store, everyone feels different comfortable...
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  13. So I have tried both on and they both have pros and cons...
    Alma bb: has detachable strap but doesn’t sit great crossbody b/c of a lot of real estate up front lol
    The other one not having a detachable strap is not ideal....
    Like the look of that new wave.... wonder if it will come in black?
    Love the look of Felicie but it is just too small....
  14. I thought I saw the new wave camera bag in black- found it on foxylv Instagram. I can’t tell if the strap is detachable. I don’t think it is. Good luck with your decision!
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  15. Now that is beautiful!!!!! Question is just at what price point.....any educated guesses?