Alma BB or Artsy MM... help me decide please!

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  1. Alma BB Pomme or Artsy MM.. can't decide which one.. what do you guy think??
  2. I would pick the Artsy! You can use it more often :smile:
  3. alma!!!!
  4. artsy for sure. bb is too small.
  5. Definitely the Artsy. It is just so understated & chic. The BB is too small...............
  6. ^ i agree! :biggrin:
  7. They are two "entirely" different bags. The Alma is cute but very small and would seem more like an evening bag whereas the Artsy is chic and great for everyday.
  8. Arsty
  9. It depends on the type of bag you want -- Alma BB is small and structured while Artsy is a large slouchy bag. I love both of them, but I'd choose Artsy.
  10. artsy.
  11. I say the BB, because you can always get the Artsy later :yes:
  12. bb.
  13. Artsy because you can use it more
  14. I agree, it depends on when and where you are going to use them.

    If it's an everyday bag, it's obviously going to be the Artsy imo.
    But cute, casual, and/or evening can be the BB.

    I personally love the BB, so I'll put my vote in for the BB anyways. :smile:
  15. Artsy for sure!
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