Alma BB in Vernis Indian Rose or Epi Fucsia?

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  1. Hello! I haven't bought a LV in a long time, but now I feel like a birthday treat!

    I know I'll get an Alma BB. I've had a generic black bag with handles similar in size that I've owned for years, so I know the shape and size will work for me.

    Now I need to decide the color. I've narrowed down to either vernis Indian Rose or Epi Fucsia. I plan to wear it when I dress up for dinners and parties. I don't like the look with the strap, so I only plan to wear it hand held. My wardrope has a lot of pinks and purples, some prints, lots of dark neutrals (mostly gray, black and brown). I am a girly girl and wear lots of romantic dresses with flats and a cardi.

    I like both colors and finishes and really feel like I could go either way. So, I'm hoping you guys could help me! I've read many threads discussing vernis vs Epi finish and know the issues with both. I still decided to create a thread to get some opinions based on my particular situation.

    What do you guys think would go better with my personal style? Thanks!
  2. Love both but I think the Epi Fuchsia is classier and will age better not as trendy. I love my Alma GM in Fuchsia and I could carry it for the next 20 years.
  3. Oh what a tough choice! I absolutely love vernis. I love shimmer and glitter so always go for vernis over epi. But there's just something about the fuchsia epi that I adore! And I love how epi wears. From my personal experience, I don't worry as much about my epi pieces. Plus there's a thread saying that fuchsia might be discontinued although i truly don't know whether this is true.
  4. epi fuchsia!
  5. Rose indian
  6. Rose Indian :smile:
  7. Rose Indian. I'm a sucker for Vernis, it's so beautiful.
  8. Rose Indian!!!!
  9. I just got the rose indian alma bb for my birthday last month and I've used it everyday so far. I love the vernis and rose indian, so i gotta go with that one, its my favorite color. The epi is also beautiful. Good luck in ur choice you can't go wrong with either!;)
  10. I'm having a similar dilemma right now:

    Alma BB in Indian Rose or Epi Fuchsia or Epi Carmine??

    I think for the romantic dinners and parties, both Vernis and Epi work equally great. I think their difference lies not so much in their intended occasions, but in the style of their owner.

    For me Vernis is ultimately girly and (despite the golden HW) modern. It's a showstopper because the colour is so amazingly saturated and the Vernis... well, just a simply gorgeous finish! I'd love to get this bag and just look at it all day long, it's simply breathtakingly beautiful!
    I'm worried, however, that the danger with Indian Rose is to look a bit like Barbie, too shiny and too pink, too out of place ... if the outfit is not well balanced. I think Indian Rose would only work if it hides in a flowing dress that balances the Indian Rose's loudness. When I imagine wearing tight black pants and a tight dark top with that bag I cringe: The sharp contrast would draw too much attention on the already "loud" bag.

    Epi on the other hand reminds me of the 1950/60s Côté d'Azur, Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot and Monaco if that makes any sense. It's very subtle, understated, classical and feminine, but maybe one can easily look "dated" or even old when an outfit with this bag is not perfectly balanced. When I tried both Vernis and Epi in the store last week, I loved the Epi better on me in every instance. It just melted right in with my outfit and looked perfectly in place. When I look at the bag in front of me, however, I don't find it as breathtakingly gorgeous as the Vernis. The Epi is nice to look at, but it doesn't give me that desire to touch it and hold it and smell it (yeah, sorry, LV bags smell AMAZING) like the Indian Rose does.

    I feel your pain, it's such a difficult decision!!
  11. For me it would come down to the hardware. I love the look of epi, but gold works best with my skin tone, so if I had to pick one, it'd be the vernis.

    Which metal do you wear most?
  12. ^^ Yup! +1
  13. Rose Indian
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    I worry about the Barbie issue too, but my wardrobe is pretty flowy, soft and romantic, I don't usually wear tight or edgy clothes, so I think I'll be ok.
  15. I agree with you about the importance of the hardware. I think the gold makes the vernis softer and more inviting.

    I actually wear more silver jewelry everyday (like a simple hoop or a diamond stud), but I have some gold and rose gold stuff for special occasion.