Alma BB in epi or Chanel Small Classic Flap?


May 6, 2013
I'm looking for a new bag and feel stuck on what I want to get!

A little history...I've had Chanel medium/large classic flaps in the past, but always had to downsize to use them (no wallet, cardholder instead, etc). Eventually I got tired of it, sold my flaps and moved on from Chanel...until recently. I've picked up a preloved Jumbo single flap that fits everything that I need to carry with me, and I was able to shorten the chain strap so that it doesn't look silly (my reasoning for not getting a jumbo in the first place was the ridiculously long strap).

I'm now interested in getting something smaller for nights out and such, but not sure if I want to go with a small chanel classic flap...or an Alma BB. I've had my eye on the Alma BB for awhile now, and I'm sure it holds more than a small flap would. Both would fit my zippy compact wallet, but the small flap wouldn't hold much else. I'm not keen to rebuy a medium/large one point I had 3 of them and I think my husband might divorce me if he saw me rebuying a bag I sold 3 of, LOL.

Which would you get? I asked my SO and he said that the alma looks like a bowling bag and he's never been a big fan of chanel flaps. He's no help, so...which would you get?


Jan 10, 2013
I just went went though this!!! I have been wanting a Vernis Alma BB for the past 6 months! I have had it in my shopping cart on but didn't pull the trigger. I even had the chance to get a 3 month old one from Ebay for 1400 and I just couldn't pull the trigger! Deep down I don't think the BB was for me and I knew it!

I just purchased a Chanel mini punch flap in calf last week! I spent more on this that the BB but there has not been one moment of regret! I can fit my DA mini Pochette, my Pomme key pouch and my phone with no problems inside the Chanel. If you wants pics, let me know!

I hope this helps you!

P.S. I love every one of my LV bags!


Sep 9, 2013
theres gotta be a reason you sold the bag 3 times... so Alma BB. if you dont like it can always go back to chanel?


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Jan 20, 2013
I think alma bb is small enough that it doesn't look like a bowling bag. My vote also goes to alma bb.


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Oct 12, 2008
Charlotte, NC
Chanel - but I'm biased. I will almost always say chanel and I'm so not a fan of the alma bb - a little too cute and like a child's bag to me.

A Chanel is always an elegant stunner and nothing cutsey about it.
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