Alma BB for day?

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  1. Yes or no? I mean, if you don't carry alot, would it still be suitable with the long strap? :smile:
  2. I think that you would be able to wear it in the daytime.:balloon:
  3. It's a cute bag for any time -- day or night.
  4. ^^^ ITA :yes:
  5. if your going to lunch or shopping i think it would look adorable.
  6. Yes. I really don't care about "when and how" you are supposed to wear a bag. If you love it, use it!
  7. It really doesn't matter as long as you love it. I would were it anytime!
  8. Thanks! :smile: I was a bit nervous since i heard a lot of people on these forumers say they bought it because it was strictly a nice evening bag.... made me nervous :sad:
  9. I think you could use it anytime.
  10. 100000000000% YES YES YES!!!!l
  11. I would totally use that bag anytime!!! I think it's the cutest thing ever!!
  12. I should be getting my soon and plan to use it anytime when I don't need to carry a lot around with me, day or night! It's gorgeous and adorable and should be carried whenever you want!
  13. i use mine in the daytime!!..i use it with the long strap..:love:
  14. I echoed everybody. Who says daytime are strictly for medium-big bags?
  15. If you use it with the strap, then the bag is well-suited for daytime use.