Alma BB EPI website glitch or actually unavailable?

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  1. I have been waiting for the Speey Empreinte 20 to become available as my choice was between that or the Alma BB in noir, but since the speedy has been added on LV UK the Alma bb epi in all colours seems to have disappeared. The new metal color is there but says call for info but all the solid colours seem to have gone. Does anyone know any info about the Alma bb epi being discontinued or re-designed or anything or is this most likely a glitch on what could possibly be one of the worst ecommerce websites there is?? Thank you in advance for any info you can give me.
  2. Epi Alma BB was voted out of the UK. j/k, but it must be a glitch. I can't find it either.
  3. I saw it on the german website, too and still it hasn't returned... I will contact the customer service tomorrow - it would be really bad if they would discontinue the BB size

    has anyone here perhaps a little bit info about this?
  4. I think it is just a glitch. It is still available on Australia website :smile:
  5. Thank you :smile: hopefully it's really just a glitch
  6. What about the alma mm in epi? Glitch or gone? TIA!
  7. On the German Homepage there is only the Epi Alma BB in the new metal color. I'm afraid, this could be the case, because of a price increase. Hope not, but could be. Or they have new colors, what would be good news.
  8. It is still on the uk website with all colours available .
    If you got into bags, select the colour pink ,the alma bb will come up.

    I know this is complete backwards but at least you could still get one if you want.
  9. Found it, but totally underlines how rubbish the LV website is, so much hassle not sure I'd bother lol! But thanks for helping
  10. I also just found it... this makes completely no sense, but I'm glad that it's still available :biggrin:
  11. I really need your help! I just called Louis Vuitton in Netherlands and Belgium and they just informed me that the alma bb and pm in epi discontinued!! I'm so gutted!! Can any of you confirm or check this with your SA because I can't get a hold on mine.
  12. That does surprise me. What I assumed was a glitch has now been sorted and the Alma bb and pm sizes are available to order in the full range of colours on LV UK. Could you perhaps call again and speak to a different advisor, perhaps you got unlucky and spoke with a new member of the team or someone who couldn't see it in the system so assumed it was discontinued? I'd be quite shocked if it was, but hopefully another member of tpf with a good SA can chime in with more accurate info.
  13. I'm so shocked! I asked the advisor and she said that it's not official yet but all colours in epi of the alma bb and pm are discontinued and the stores in France, UK and Germany aren't getting any supplies anymore. Don't know about other countries. I truly cannot believe it. It's so sudden. I've been saving up and ready to purchase an alma bb epi next month. That's why I asked for advice and checking with any SA on tpf.
  14. Wow! I hope someone else can join in with the conversation and confirm or hopefully dispute what your SA said! I've always been a bit unsure about the Alma for my personal style and have debated heavily whether to get one, but they are so popular with members here I don't think it would be a popular decision to stop making it in all the wonderful epi colours.
  15. I hope so too! Really hope someone reads this thread and responds. Cannot imagine that they would discontinue this model in epi, I thought it was quite successful and popular.