Alma bb ebene or Favorite Mm ebene?

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This poll will close on Nov 20, 2019 at 6:36 PM.
  1. Alma bb ebene

  2. Favorite mm ebene

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  1. Alma bb ebene or Favorite mm ebene?

    Is possible that I end up with but lol but which one first?

    ebene pieces I have: neverful GM and speedy 30 (no bandoliere)
  2. I have the alma bb for a year and never regretted it.
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    The Favorite is supposed to be discontinued early next year, so if you are looking to buy, buy now, if you can.

    Edit: Although, it wouldn't be wise to buy the Favorite, just because it will be discontinued. Hope you make a decision that you will be happy with!
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  4. I don't own either one but I would go with the alma bb. I actually was going to purchase the Alma bb yesterday at the store but saw the palm spring mini backpack and that was it! But I know in my heart that I will eventually get the alma bb as well! :P
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  5. Alma! I’ve had mine for a few days and I’m already in love, it’s such a comfortable bag to carry and for someone who doesn’t like to put much in a handbag it’s a brilliant option!
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  6. I’ve had both. While favorite has the multiple carry options, it is not as well made as the Alma. It’s kind of flimsy actually. And the flap tends to get a crease or wavy or time. Not a good look.

    My flap got wavy, plus the magnet can be hit or miss in terms of whether it closes properly.

    Whereas Alma is a secure zipper, also has multiple carry options, is dressier, is much better constructed in terms of durability, and looks new.....practically forever.

    Definitely definitely definitely Alma.
  7. I agree with this. I have had the Alma for a bit and I LOVE that bag and constantly find myself reaching for it. That being said, I've always preferred very structured and versatile bags.

    I recently got the favorite mm and was surprised at how flimsy it was when I took it out of the box as I had never seen one in person before. I don't think I will reach for this bag as much because I feel like I will have to baby it.

    My recommendation is for the alma, but you should pick whichever one you like best and think you will use more. Let us know which one you end up going with! :yahoo:
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  8. Now I’m thinking if getting the Alma bb ebene now or the PochetteMetis empreinte in black. I do not have a black bag but whether I want a dark bag I always use the speedy ebene. And most recently my jungle double zip. I tried on the new Alma in black empreinte but the corners... ugh.

    thanks for your votes and comments! :heart:
  9. Alma bb in Epi noir is soooooooo. Gorgeous. I’d consider that over the Ebene and over the empreinte because the pochette metis is too similar in function to speedy. Alma is smaller, more dressier, especially in Epi noir.
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  10. Thank you for your comment! I’ll definitely look into that one! I haven’t even thought about the epi.