Alma bb croc

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  1. Has anyone seen any pics from the cruise collection I love the green or pink croc alma just wondered how much they would be
  2. Too much. ;) I'm certain they're really expen$$$ive.

    But that little reptilian splash of color is an eye catcher. I'd love to own one, but mine would have to be from Walmart. :biggrin:
  3. Me to x
  4. I have yet to see this line do you have a link?
  5. I saw the Ostrich ones and they were a pretty good deal. Not too sure about croc though, although LV has "reasonable" exotic prices. They also had lovely python artsys and Ixias as for the new croc colours I don't believe they have arrived since they weren't presented yet.
  6. Haven't seen any!
  7. Pretty sure the croc alma BB was around $15k
  8. Does the pink croc deesee and the pink croc Bv alma, look the same pink to you?

    I can't wait to see the new hot pink come out, and am glad they actually making it in quite a few style! Hope I can find one soon!

    Re about the price of Bb alma, I got mine in syd about a yr ago and cost $15800 Aus dollar
  9. I looked at the red one today. The price was over 10,000 EURO. It's a true gem though!
  10. Thanks for posting. I love the Neverfull!
  11. I tried on the vernis in Beige Poudre and it was soooo cute. There was another gal looking at bags and she tried it on too....I am not sure how practical it was but it was so fun....I wanted one so bad but I was not sure I wanted to spend $1400 on it.
  12. Alligator deesee pm is 25000sgd (round up)

    Ostrich deesee mm is 16000sgd (round up)

    Alligator alma bb I guess would be priced around 25000sgd.

  13. oh my goodness...those croc bags...gorgeous croc sc black.