Alma BB, Caissa tote PM or Turenne PM?

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  1. Hi all! I found it very helpful to ask the tpf community which wallet I should be purchasing next so I'm creating another thread here to ask which bag should I purchase next?

    The bags in question are: Alma BB in epi noir, Caissa tote PM with RB lining, and Turenne PM monogram.

    My small and humble LV collection includes Speedy 25 in DE, the original size Noe in DA, Eva clutch in DA, and the mini pochette in DE. As you can probably tell I love the Damier print :biggrin:

    Should I go for something new like the epi leather or the monogram canvas? I've only seen the alma BB in person, I'm about 163cm and I know that only the turenne PM has the adjustable strap.

    Please let me know your thoughts on these bags! TIA!
  2. Alma bb
    Love it
  3. Alma BB :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  4. Alma bb -- just purchased it in epi rose ballerine and LOVE IT!!
  5. I own 4 Alma BB and the Caissa Tote PM RB. I like them all [emoji4] The Caissa holds more, is lovely, light and a really good choice! The Alma BB is so cute, Epi is carefree, understated, elegant and casual to wear, also very light. You can't go wrong with both of them. Maybe the Epi Alma BB noir is a good one for your collection [emoji4]
  6. No contest...Alma BB in Epi Noir. That's a very classy, chic bag that's quite spacious for being a small bag. It's convenient to wear cross body or on the shoulder, and you can carry by hand for a dressier look. Epi is a gorgeous leather and Alma in Epi is timeless. It would nicely round out your collection!
  7. Havanese is on point :okay:
  8. Alma bb, but if you need more space then I would choose Turenne pm. I'm not really a fan of the Caissa Tote. Good Luck deciding!
  9. alma bb
  10. Turenne or Siena
  11. Thank you everyone, clearer the winner here is alma BB! And that's a good thing since it was the one I was leaning towards more :graucho: Although I did see someone carrying the Turenne PM yesterday and it looked so cute IRL :loveeyes:
  12. Ooh, just saw this, I'm deciding between the turenne pm and Alma bb. Can't seem to,decide so going to go try them out in store. I just need one more versatile crossbody bag and don't know which one.
  13. I ended up choosing the alma bn in epi electric leather! I love to use it on the weekends and it's just big enough to fit my essentials! I do have to downsize a bit though and the small opening at the top restricts the amount you can put in too, plus I don't like it when the zip gets wonky when overfilled :huh: I use mine on one shoulder mainly, if you want a cross body it does look cute that way too but the base is structured so it won't mould to your body and might not be as convenient! I'm still loving the turenne pm and might add that to my collection one day too :graucho: gl deciding!
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  14. I'm off to shops now, so will let you know
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