Alma BB availability

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  1. Hello! I’m in the market for an Alma bb for my birthday, however I see that it’s constantly sold out online. Are they frequently available in stores or do I just need to be lucky, thanks!
  2. Alma’s are frequently available in store, I would call ahead or order through a CA to ensure that they have one when you go in.
  3. Earlier today, around 3:00pm, a friend called customer service and ordered an AlmaBB in Mono.
    Getting it Friday. She was told there are very few around..
  4. Hi. They do become available on the website. I have seen both mono and DE. Good luck.
  5. Alma bb in mono add to cart US
  6. Anyone had luck purchasing in Europe lately?
  7. Hi,
    yes, in Germany in Berlin. I called one and half week in advance- when I called they had nothing in stock but the SA said they get new bags everyday and she assured me to reserved the ones I wanted to look at... the day I got there they had three out of four bags I wanted to see. Among them the Alma bb which I bought.
    That was end of September.
    Hope that helped!
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    I didn't actually purchase but I saw lots of Alma bb in DE being purchased in Paris at the Champs-Élysées store this past week
  9. Both the mono and de were available today. US site
  10. Alma bb in mono and de available US