Alma bb, amarente or monogram?

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  1. Getting an anniversary gift, torn between alma bb Amarente and Mono, amarente looks so dressy and beautiful, but I am worrying about the vernis leather gets scratch easily. Like the easy looks of monogram, I can see I use it as my work horse, but maybe not special enough for an anniversary gift?? Your input pls?
  2. I don’t own either, but both are beautiful. Are you a more formal dresser? Do you always make sure you attire is spot on and dressed up or are you a more casual person? Answering this may help you lean one way or the other. (Personally I want to Get an Alma BB in vernis, but at almost 6 feet tall, it looks silly on me :sad: ). Good luck with your decision. :flower:
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  3. Prefer the vernis! It’s a much smaller bag so the risk of scratching is lower.
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  4. Out of the two I would prefer the Amarante, but have you considered epi? I think this bag looks amazing in epi
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  5. I have the alma bb in vernis cerises and it‘s pretty much scratch resistent. I love mine and my vote goes to the vernis.
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  6. I love the Amarante I had one. It sparkles so beautiful. Have you tried this bag on? The reason I ask is I have to love the alma BB from afar. The way the strap attaches to the handle it makes the handles "pull" out from the side of the bag so that the handles don't lie flat and actually one side of each handle is pulled out a little farther from the bag then the other. I couldn't get past that, it bothered me a lot. Many people don't mind it so if you fall in to that category I say Amarante, it is beautiful.
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  7. For a daily bag, I wouldn't get vernis leather. I have an Alma BB in Rose Indien and use it for speical occasions. I prefer canvas or epi for my most used bags. Have you tried on an Alma bb? Also agree with the option of epi especially if you like SHW. Good luck!
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  8. Take a look at Epi before deciding. Vernis is very eye catching but I worry about discoloration, not so much on a dark colour such as Amarante but I wouldn’t risk it.
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  9. Épi > Vernis > Canvas.
    But an Alma is always stunning whatever it's made of.
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  10. Amarante gets my vote. It’s really a beautiful, neutral color. In regards to scratching, as long as you avoid abrasive surfaces you should be ok and no fear of color transfer due to the dark color.
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  11. Vernis is especially sturdy in amarante. I have a 3year old amarante 6 key holder which gets used like a key holder. It still looks practically new. I also have a pochette accessoires and a vernis strap that are very old. They look practically new too.
    So amarante is very sturdy imo.
    The only issue is fingerprints.
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  12. Thanks, I would consider an api but their website only have three colors, wondering when they will have new colors coming.
  13. I think they also have it in Rose Ballerine. My SA sent me a picture of one yesterday
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  14. I would go for the Vernis in Amaranthe; love the look of it!
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  15. Thanks for you input ladies. Hubby actually suprised me with a pink epi locky bb and I loved her. But Alma epi and Venis are on my radar screen now. :smile:
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