Alma bag questions

  1. I bought an Alma bag about three years ago. Now I have two problems with it:

    1. Because I overloaded it, one of the handles broke off. LV replaced the handles, but since they're new, the leather is the "new" color and doesn't match the darker, patina'd leather of the rest of the bag. Should I just use the bag this way, even though it looks horrible? (On one Web site, it said the way to spot a fake is if the handles are a different color!:wtf:) Other than just using the bag outside, is there any way to get the handles to play catch up with the rest of the bag? Will the handles ALWAYS look lighter than the rest of the bag? I'd been using the bag for about a year before this happened. Right now the bag is sitting in my closet (not with the dust cover) and I'm hoping the handles will get somewhat darker. It's been about a year, and they HAVE gotten darker, but still not as dark as the rest of the leather. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    2. I've since lost the key to the lock. The lock is on the bag, in a locked position. (The bag itself isn't locked, thank God.) LV said it doesn't have keys anymore for my lock number. Anyone know where I can get a key? Or should I go to a luggage store, have the lock broken off, and then buy a new lock and key? Does this matter? Does anyone lock her bag? I guess it comes in handy if you're checking the bag at a party in a restaurant, say, and you have valuables inside. But other than that, I can't think of a reason I'd want to lock the bag.

    Thank you!!!
  2. 1. I think your handles will catch up to the rest of the bag, it just may take some time. I would use the bag, and not worry about what people say.
    2. Post your lock number on this forum. Maybe someone will be able to help. Can you try to pick the lock with a wire or something?
  3. question one, I've used a small amount of body oil on a soft cloth and used it to darken my pochette strap. after applying the oil VERY lightly i left it in a sunny window. You culd try this with your alma, only when you put it inthe window set it in your sleeping bag so the bottom doesnt tan. just keep flipping the bag so the handles get tanned evenly.

    Question two, do you want the lock off ? if so cut it off and buy a new one. What is the lock number maybe someone has an extra key if you only bought the bag 3 yrs ago. Otherwise what is the issue with having the lock on the bag, unless you plan on locking it all the time. What a pita that would be.

    I guess now i wanna ask why in gods name would you check your bag at a restaurant or party? You think that lock is going to keep them out, what are you going to do when you go hunting for the bag is its gone. Thanks but i'll keep my bag on my arm. if they are going to steal it they can fight me for it.
  4. I'd keep the handles exposed as was posted earlier to see if they will catch up. But I wouldn't worry about it too much - just carry your Alma and enjoy!

    I never lock my bag. If they don't have a key for yours I'd just let it go. If it really bothers you, I'm sure a locksmith could get it off, but I'd honestly just let it be.
  5. Thank you, everybody!

    I think I will just carry the bag and let the handles play catch-up. If I don't see any results for a while, I might try Bag Fetish's suggestion of using body oil and sunlight.

    And I will continue looking for a key, although if I don't find one, I won't cut the lock off. I'm too afraid of hurting the bag.

    For the record, the lock # is 305.

    Again, thanks, all!
  6. close i have lock #306
  7. Sorry, I do not have this lock number. Have you tried picking the lock? Months ago, there was a thread on this subject (locks) and someone picked their lock with a paperclip (?). Might want to try it.
  8. ^^ I'd try to pick on the lock for a bit too before having it taken off completely. Do you positively want the lock off at all? If it doesn't bother you, why not leave it on?