Ally Hilfiger,....sooo, Totally, Talks About Her, Like, Awesome Art !

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    Ally Hilfiger, famous for her dad’s unquestionably hit-or-miss clothing and for once saying, “I’m so brain-dead,” is now proving said brain death.
    She’s an artist (collaboratively so), and her partner, a slouchy DJ named Francesco, describes their work as such: “Warhol-esque Lichtenstein with a slight case of Basquiat.” (Translation: I am a spoiled turd who name-drops, and my art isn’t worth a crap.) Hilfiger says she’s been focusing her efforts on painting variations on the number 8.
    Asked to explain our generation’s creatives, Hilfiger said this: “Our parents’ generation, they were really all about really focusing on one thing…Our generation is into more of a multi-thing. It’s kind of like we’re our parents’ generation, but with ADD.” So, like our parents’ generation, but inattentive and lethargic? We were right about you, Ally! :s
  2. she looks like her dad!
  3. Like totally cool. Would like to see her work though.
  4. she looks 35 in that picture. she was born the same year i was, she's 22.

    what did she go to rehab for, again?
  5. Step away from the red lipstick Ally!!
  6. What the..!!! She's 22?!!!! :T No offense but she definitely does not look 22...
  7. remember the sh ow she had on MTV with another spoiled little rich girl...she totally dropped off until now...
  8. She was in rehab??
  9. ITA!
  10. Why when you are tough to look at would you put bright orange lipstick in the middle of your face? Poor thing.
  11. Scary
  12. Wow.
  13. :lol:
  14. ^ lol.

    I remember that MTV show. I haven't seen her since then.
  15. Her lips frighten me.