Alluring April Acqusitions

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  1. Did I miss the April thread? I don't have a purchase to post yet but it's my birthday month so I'm planning on picking up a little something. Emphasis on little given the current economic conditions. Thinking about the So Soft shawl in Rose Pop or the Orange Card Holder.
    Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 6.36.22 PM.png
  2. Happy birthday month to you & all the other April babes! :drinks:
  3. I noticed there was no April thread but wanted someone with an April birthday to start it. :smile: This was purchased in March but just received today so I’ll count it as an April acquisition.

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  4. Thanks Kbell! I love starting a fresh month of beautiful purchases. Excited to see what everyone picks up :graucho:
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  5. Happy Happy Birthday!
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  6. @karman every single thread I see this beauty posted in my hearts skips a beat. I see it maybe 50 times a day lately and really love it more each time. I guess that's called a problem. :P
  7. My PM in Tourterelle

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  8. Happy birthday to all the April babies! Looking forward to seeing all the amazing April purchase!
  9. Came in the post today.
    Have had the order request for the card holder for a while now. Was really pleased with the customer service as online held it for a lot longer than the normal 48 holding period until they actually spoke to me due to everything going on.
    The pastel escape glasses case is so beautiful.
    Both are my happy pieces during this time.
    Stay safe everyone x
  10. I've been rocking an iPhone 6 for quite some time (tried to upgrade to the X, but gave it to my daughter and went back to the 6). Part of the reason I went back is because I loved this LV mono/blue folio so much! My husband and daughter bought it for me and had it hot stamped. But some recent iPhone 6 malfunctions along with this time at home... Decided it was finally time to upgrade! I ordered the LV iPhone 11 case on Tuesday and it arrived today!

    My old LV folio was cracked, peeling, discolored, threads coming out, etc., but it was such a great case. :smile:

  11. About how many years did it last you?
  12. dreamy
  13. I'm loving the azur print. :love: I was always so nervous about it before, but I really wanted a small backpack for vacations/day trips and this bag really caught my attention. It really screams spring and summer to me.

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  14. Happy birthday to all of the April babies!!
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  15. My mom got this backpack but the larger version and she loves it.
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