Alluminio Bow... To get or not to get?

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  1. That is the question...

    K ladies, I need help making up my mind. I am trying to decide whether or not to get the alluminio bow during saks promotion next week. I did want the bow awhile back, but the order was already taking too long and there was drama about the ordering process, so I canceled that. When reports of sealant cracking and other defective issues about the bow (the alluminio one specifically) popped up, I didn't sweat it because I already wasn't going to get it.

    BUT now... I heard new shipments of the bow came in and then there is that saks promotion coming up... so I started thinking.. should I get the bow?

    If I don't get the bow, then I plan on getting a nice cosmetic case. What do you ladies think?

    Also, for those who have the alluminio bow... just how grey is it? I know how hard it is to describe colors (i've tried it)... I just need to know if you think it looks grey in any way. I already have a couple of grey-ish purses and I don't like doubling on my colors.

    As always, TIA!
  2. marose28! Hrm, didn't you have a alluminio bow but returned it?? Or am I confusing you with someone else :Push: I think I am because your post sounds like you've never gotten one, so here's my opinion...

    The Saks promotion sounds really really tempting.. :drool: And the giftcard sounds like a pretty big deal, because of the huge number! But, do becareful because two bags means more money to get out :oh: But that depends if you see two handbags you really want, if you do and you are willing to pay for the price of two handbags and get the promotion, then DO IT DO IT DO IT :woohoo:

    *MAIN QUES: DO YOU likeLOVE THE BOW?????? If you do, I suggest.. GET IT!

    If you just like it a bit and is not as crazy as I am for it, don't get it and stick to getting a nice cosmetic case like you planned.


    Here's a picture of my alluminio bow (INSIDE INDOOR LIGHTING)


    Here are two more pictures of me & the bow INSIDE a department store.


    And the bow taken on my camera WITH FLASH.

    Hope this helps!!

    MY MAIN ADVICE: GET IT IF YOU REALLY REALLY LOVE IT!! Like me, I love it so much I am willing to deal with the rippings/cracks.
  3. marose28,

    Saks BH has the bow in 3 colors: black, sugero, and allumino. They are brand new.

    I saw them on display today. If you like a bow, this is a good time to get it,

    I couldn't find anything today I want at Saks. I literally did not desire anything. :sad:

    Allumino is a very soft grey. annaversary's pictures are very very close.

    You need not buy two bags for the promotion. You can buy one bag and one the following:wallet, cosmetic case, key pouch, coin purse etc. The cheapest accessory is by Juicy Couture for around $75. I do not like JC so I would rather spend more and get a nice cosmetic pouch etc.

    I'm not sure if a bag charm would work BUT you can always ask.

    I also popped by Prada and they have some crazy pleated purses. I did buy something and will post picts later. It's not really a bag though but something for DH.

    Remember, only Fendi and Lv are excluded. marose28, you can get your HG gaufre!
  4. linpaddy*

    Did you say we DON'T have to buy two bags for the promotion? How does the promotion exactly work... if you don't want to say it here, I'll understand :graucho: I shall ask my Saks SA... but that's interesting.. I thought the promotion was "BUY 2 HANDBAGS" etc... guess not.

    Oh, do show what you got for DH :wlae:
  5. Technically, the promotion requires you to buy 2 handbags with a minimum purchase of $1000. You will get triple points (if you are a SaksFirst card holder) and $400 in gift card.

    Since the bags we are looking at already cost over $1k each, most SAs will let you buy something else from the handbag dept to qualify for the promotion.

    That means you can buy a wallet, coin pouch, cosmetic case, key holder ETC as a second 'bag' purchase. As long as it is from the handbag department!!

    I saw lots of women grabbing Chanel purses today with a Juicy Couture cosmetic case (or whatever is cheap and qualifies).

    Didn't you just purchase your bow? Go get another one.

    Call Saks up now and BUY another bow as a presale plus another qualifying item. Once you get your second bow, you can return your first bow assuming that you just bought it recently.

    Also, if you open a Saksfirst account, you will qualify for another 10% off (just make sure the total is over $1k so that you will get the gift card).

    You will also get free shipping as a Saksfirst card holder.

    I hope this saves you some money! :P
  6. what color is sugero
  7. thats the exact colour i was after. thanks marose28. does anyone know if saks ship overseas? would love the bow in the sugero and alluminio
  8. Just to clarify, my response is the green text.
  9. Ohhhh. Thank you so much for clarifying the promotion for me :yes: So "technically" you have to purchase 2 "handbags"... I see!

    I actually RETURNED my bow after I noticed the rips + scratch on the leather. I used it only twice and I had to package it away & return it. I ordered a 2nd bow and that one was even worse. So I'm currently waiting for BOTH bows to be returned & creditted back into my account. I miss it already and I'm VERY afraid I might have lost the chance of even owning one. :crybaby:

    Hrm, maybe I should open a Saks Card.

  10. marose28*

    Hehe. Thanks for the sweet compliments :shame:

    I hope you make a happy decision! And let us know if you decide to get the bow or SOMETHING ELSE :graucho:
  11. Sorry for responding within the quote again (it's just so much easier!)... my reply is in green.:smile:
  12. Hi annaversary, may I ask if yours is the original size or is it the bigger size? Thanks!
  13. My bow is the ORIGINAL size. Not the large... huge... one :wtf: The ORIGINAL size bow is very roomy! It's big enough for me and should be for MOST of us girls!
  14. u girls are so lucky to hear of more stock of the alluminio bows!! i'm still waiting for stock in London...i been waiting over a month now but still no news!!! how upsetting!!!