Alluminio Bow Anywhere?

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  1. I'm normally over in the Balenciaga forum, but ever since I've seen so many gorgeous PFers and celebs modeling this baby, I have falling in loooove with it :love: Is this pretty much impossible to find? Sorry for my ignorance :shame: Just curious if its possible to find anywhere!! TIA :flowers:
  2. It's pretty much impossible to find... unless you stalk eBay.
  3. I've seen that some people have bought some more recently, like in June and July. Are there any left in stores? Or is Ebay the only option?
  4. At this rate, it's impossible unless you stalk eBay...

    And about those who did find one recently, they did not get it by accidentally running into it, I was a desperate Alluminio Bow watcher once and I did SO MUCH work to get my hands on one.

    You pretty much have to call every department store and stalk it down, it's not easy...

    But goodluck :tup:
  5. there's one in Saks, South coast plaza, CA. i'm PM-ing u now
  6. I got mine in july and was told it was the last one in london! i hope you can find one
  7. I'm guessing it's a return? Boy, I wish I had the money! :wtf:
  8. I'm guessing its a return as well, what was the condition like rensky
  9. RenskyI just called and they said the only gray they had was the graphite...dang it. I guess someone must have bought it from when you saw it last night to today at 4pm. If anyone knows or one in the US PLEASEEEEE let me know. Or if anyone goes to South Coast Plaza today and sees it (and doesnt want it) will you put it on hold for me hahaha thanks PFers :love: