1. Sorry for the late response and thank you for all the replies!

    I am in Singapore so not much help I suppose. That said, I have a small bust and the leather will stretch, so maybe a UK6 would be good for me?
  2. I forgot the style name of this jacket. It's so cute! Too bad it's a size 8 uk. Wish it were smaller!!
  3. I went to the Cabazon outlets last week and I had never heard of AllSaints. Well, I lovedddd it! The prices were marked 75% down from retail and the dresses and tops were amazing! I ended up getting 2 dresses and a top. I would never pay more than $200 for just a dress, so it was nice how these were marked so low
  4. I would say if you are an A cup you can do uk6. For size reference I wear balenciaga sz34 and Rick Owens 38.
  5. What size are you in AllSaints leather jackets?

  6. I'm 1.58m and I measure 83.5 in the chest area and 70cm right underneath. My bra size is about 30DD and usually buy 32C/D I wear a size 6 with a tshirt and need a bigger size if I want to wear a sweater underneath. I think u are fine in either size 6 or 8.
  7. Yes! I discovered this back in January, and I'm heading back out there next week. Cabazon is basically my version of heaven. :lol:
  8. Thanks I will prob need a uk6 because I only plan on wearing a tee underneath. Thanks! Now I need to hunt down the Owain jacket!!!!!
  9. Let us know how it goes!!
  10. Will do! If I can find one!!!
  11. I was at the Cabazon mall the other day and the AllSaints store wasn't there the last time I was at that mall. I loved the old sewing machines in the window so I decided to go in. At first I wasn't going to try anything on because I didn't realize the sizes were UK sizes instead of US sizes, and the smallest size of anything I liked was an 8, which I thought would be way too big. But the girl working there explained it fit like a US size 4, so I bought a beautiful sequined shirt for $80 down from $300. I also got a cute pair of shoes for about $100 which were originally $225 i think. Maybe I will take pics later :smile:
  12. Hi everyone!

    Last October I went to All Saints in NYC and saw the Appeley dress and fell in love, but it was $6** and I just couldn't justify it. Since then, they have sold out on the US website and it's only on the UK website, plus I live in NC so there isn't a store around. I'm thinking I'm just going to give in and order it, but I have no idea what size to get. My measurements are Ht: 5'6", wt. 145, bust 34C, waist 27", and hips are around 39". I can wear anything from a 0-6 lol, and a 0-4 in French Connection. My concern is I want this dress to fit just right and I was thinking I should go with a UK10, but then I saw that people said their clothes run small, so idk maybe I should get a UK12. I would greatly appreciate any advice that can get me closer to my dress!!!!! :smile:

    Here's a blog post so you can see how great the dress fits. And I think it's just gonna look fabulous with my "woman" body (my terminology for hourglass shape) lol
  13. Ok girls, I really want the Texas leather jacket but it's only available in UK 8. I'm between UK 8 and UK 10 and I'm afraid the 8 could be too tight. I want it soo bad!
    Has anyone ever tried this particular jacket or does anyone own it?
    Thank you so much!
  14. When is the next sale on All Saints, i'm a big fan but can't bring myself to pay full price esp on their jackets & dresses.
  15. Please help me with the leather jacket! And, does anyone have an Ebony dress? How do these run sizewise?
    Are there any valid promo codes?