1. I got two more sweaters today! Pics coming up later
  2. I totally forgot I had made another purchase in between lol. Here is everything I got between last week and today
    image-3755784827.jpg image-1864041073.jpg image-1492071480.jpg image-3006248624.jpg image-2779995382.jpg
  3. ^I also got the first and last cardigans pictured among a bunch of other things like the Pilot Melody Dress and the Blondie Tee. I love this store and the sale prices are hard to resist!
  4. The Pirate Cardigan ( pic 2 ) is one of their best basics,imo ! So many differnt styles and colors.Is it Cotton or Wool/Silk?

    Some of their bags are nice too. Everlasting :greengrin:

    Small Bay Bag for me today

  5. Did they put the Kadian on sale again this year?

  6. I love this bag!! I'm going to have to venture into their handbags...

    PS: I'm not sure which one I got... I got the cheaper one?
  7. At Century 21 (like a top notch TJ Maxx) they actually had some AllSaints pieces! I bought a pious tank maxi dress for $22!! I couldn't believe it. It's so soft and comfy, I can't wait to wear it out.
  8. Finally received my All Saints HG in the mail today from the UK that I've been watching since last October!!!!! I LOVE this dress, it has so much character and life (I'm kind of ashamed that I just said that about a piece of clothing, but hey it's how it feels lol)

  9. angelstacie04, that is one amazing dress you ordered! Very mcqueen-esque, imo (like a lot of other stuff they have). Would love to see your pics of this dress, if you have any.

    And I managed to order something from the sale, too. Oogled at this dress when it was still full priced, then kept deliberating when it went on sale and got very mad at myself when it finally sold out with the 20% off sale code. So I kept watching the product page like a hawk for the next days until a return in my size popped up - snagged it immediately... Keeping my fingers crossed that it will arrive tomorrow and fit me well.


    What do you guys think? The dress is supposed to fill a hole in my wardrobe, a LBD for dressy events. I will try to post pics.
  10. Love! Stunning piece, congrats :tup:
  11. I LOVE both those dresses!
  12. Too late
    They don't offer bags anymore on their website :nogood:

  13. oh no!! :sad:
  14. I think they do offer bags on their website, just not at the moment. It's cause the AW12 stuff is only just coming online. Keep your eye out.

    My most recent purchases from the AW collection - the Belvedere Jacket and the Ouija vest
  15. In my experience it does depend on the style of dress, but generally:

    The tight fitting stuff runs small/true to size.

    The baggier styles will fit a size bigger.

    Hope this helps!