Allright- enablers! I bought THe AG city!

  1. I ran for 2 hours tonight after I was so bummed about not getting my HG (BTW, I'm training for a half marathon ortherwise I would not run that long) He could tell that I was just gutted, even though it seems so silly. He said get it, slapped down the debit card and said "Happy MOther's Day"!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Can you even believe it ? I even go to Vegas in a couple of weeks I can't wait to show off miss sassy Apple!

    OOOOHHH..... is this going to hindering my shopping there now that I bought 2 bags in 3 hours?

    Oh well, I'll just do this by the pool instead, with my new girlfriend AG! :beach:
  2. Yaaaayyy!! I'm so happy for you I'm so happy for you :smile: :yahoo:

    I've been reading about your wanting this bag! Congrats!
  3. yahooo....congrats for ur new purchase....don't forget to post pics here....we will drool over her......:smile:
  4. WOW :yahoo: I like the husband!! :woohoo: You must :heart: him to death..

    My BF gave me my first Bbag in March - that convinced me that he was a keeper :roflmfao:

    So now we are buying an appartement together... I hope he keeps up, and turns out like yours in the long run... :love:
  5. yay!!! i am so happy for you. and goodluck with the half marathon. and happy early mom's day.
  6. Woo hoo... and I bet you're already thinking about your next purchase :p
  7. :yahoo:I'm so happy for you, Shasta!! And you husband sounds like a real keeper!!:heart: Congrats and have fun in Vegas!!:yahoo:
  8. congrats! But where are the pictures???
  9. :yahoo: thats awesome news!!! I wish I had a DH/SO that would slap down a CC! hehehehe!!!
  10. That is SO great! I'm so happy that you are finally getting your AG! Big congrats!:yahoo:
  11. congratulations shasta!! :yahoo: cant wait to see pictures!
  12. congrats!! can't wait to see pics.
  13. Oooohhhh, NOT shopping in Vegas will be a real test of willpower!! Good luck with that!! :p Congrats on your new bag, she's a beauty!! :yes:
  14. Whooooo!

    You're going to love it!

    Does your hubby have a cute brother by any chance? :graucho: Lol!
  15. yay :yahoo: i'm so happy for you!