Allison Burns sale

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  1. she has a lot of her bags more than half off. Just got the Addiction bag in blue/turquoise for the summer at a steal. The leather is soooo soft and squishy.

    Shop - allison burns official store
  2. I love her stuff. But the colours (orange, yellow, pink) are not very wearable - and white purses don't work for slobs like me :graucho:

    If that Atomic ever goes more than half...I'm so there! Been eyeing that baby for awhile! :yes:
  3. I'd love a black Lily, but it isn't on sale ..
  4. I think the Lily in orange is pretty cool though :smile:
  5. I like the Jett in Blue. But not dying for it right away.
  6. Got my addiction bag today, I LOVE IT!! I love it so much I am really thinking a yellow one would be great for summer too.