Allison Burns Handbag Sale

  1. oohhh wow thanks! I wish the faithfull was on sale too! :sad:
  2. I bought the Jett bag in Sky Blue...Love It!!!!!! Great for the weekend when hubby and I take off in the 2-seater with little trunk space!
  3. Considering the Jett but don't know the brand before today. How's the quality?
  4. I just ordered it this morning, so I can't say. Sorry!
  5. I love their leather, its very smooshy! Good quality I must say, and Hilary Duff & Cameron Diaz likes this brand too! :nuts:

    I have Lil Darling in Pewter..
  6. There are some cute bags but alittle too flashy for my taste. Thanks for the link!