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  1. Just wondering what are you ladies' thoughts on alligator skin? I'm thinking of getting something in alligator in the pretty distant future but am uncertain as to what style of bag this skin will look the best in. Or do you think alligator skin works better in small leather goods? What about shoes? TIA:flowers:
  2. Hm, nobody likes alligators?:confused1:
  3. ive only seen one alligator hermes kelly and i must say it didnt really look that much different from a croc-- put it this way, i didnt have a croc bag around for comparison when i saw the alligator.
    but i reckon croc is more expensive and popular
  4. Kou.. For me.. i save money to buy a crocodile birkin.. IF and only IF i get all the colors i love in crocodile i might consider another skin.. but once u get crocodile u get sucked in.. its totally insane! :cursing:
  5. I only like alligator on small items. I much prefer the scale pattern of porosus croc. :smile:
  6. can someone tell me exactly the difference of alligator vs. crocodile. possibly with pictures, please.

    i really appreciate it...........
  7. I need to find pics - porosus croc has a much more "refined" scale pattern than alligator. Hard to explain...
  8. The alligator I saw yesterday looked 'fluffy' compared to the croc....the edges are fringed, whereas the croc is smaller scales, and no fringing (the p croc does have the pore 'dot' in it).

    I ADORE P.Croc, but I have to be faithful to my countries' animals!!
  9. I love any alligator/croc, and in any way /shape or form....from key holder wallet or shoe to Birkin:love: :heart: :P I may pass on alligator /croc clothing though!:s :lol:
  10. kou, i say get what you love!