alligator warrior... love it or hate it?

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  1. I saw it irl last week in the Burberry store in Hamburg - it is not at all my style, but if you're type of girl for this bag, then it's great! It's really good looking.
    Regina :smile:
  2. very pretty. i would't ever pay that much for it... waayy to expensive for what it is.
  3. I'm not too crazy about it. There is just too much going one there for my taste.
    And I still can't get over that price. Really absurd..
  4. It is not really my type of bag but most of all for that price I would buy several bags instead!:nuts:
  5. I like it, for that money I'd probably buy something more classis, but I am eyeing the coordinating bracelets.
  6. Here is a great advertising picture of the bag.
    burberry warrior.jpg
  7. not their best creation yet.
  8. I saw the Warrior bag(s) a couple weeks back at Nordie's and they're a lot better looking in person than in pics IMO. I really like the shape and style of it, but I don't at all care for the metal doodads.
  9. I have the smaller size without the studs and I'm really liking it!
  10. Oh, and it's the plain leather, not the alligator! I couldn't see spending BIG bucks for alligator. But I did get the studded warrior belt that's supposed to match the purse. It's a nice set, but I'm thinking that the studded bag would go better with the studded belt... not sure...
  11. :girlsigh:I absolutely adore it like you do. BUT, it is definetly not worth what it is.
  12. I love it (I think I saw a pic with Kate Hudson and this bag), but it's waaaay out of my limit :crybaby:
  13. I checked it out at the new store in Natick MA, and I have to say, I am a fan of this some previous posts, not sure I'd invest in one, but I really do this it is super cute.
  14. Err... Honestly I hate it. For that price, am sure they can come up with a better design. OOoooo... talking about prices, I have been noticing a hitch of prices in SEA. Think at the rate that it is going, I think I would be self imposing a bag ban very soon