Alligator & Ostrich LV, What do you think??


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Apr 17, 2008
Hi Everyone!

Just joined the PF and LOVE it! I am going to be on all night! I have made so many posts already, how do you guys pick which designers to post on?? I am obsessed with like 75% of them!

Anyway, I have recently been lusting after an exotic LV. In this day of everyone-has-everything, it's tough to find a really killer bag that really stands out. Their exotics are so rare I just have wanted one for so long...

I am thinking tan Ostrich Alma. I talked to my salesperson at LV in NY about it for a will take so long and the price, my god. I went in wanting Alligator or Croc but those prices... Now that I have done some internet searching, maybe I should go with a different style:

Here is a Cluny and a St. Cloud, what do y'all think?