alligator h-bags?

  1. anybody ever see an alligator hermes bag? i love alligator -- better than croc actually -- but i've never seen an alligator h-bag. i know they have a stamp for it, so they must use it for something. maybe just small stuff? but actually i've never seen that, either.

  2. NYC had a 32cm sellier black alligator Kelly with gold hardware on the floor a few weeks ago. So it's still available.
  3. I have a pic of an alligator Kelly, it is gorgeous. If you give me a little while, I can scan and post it for you later this evening.
  4. I have seen a couple of HACs in alligator.
    There are so many alligators in Florida, seem like Hermes could figure out a way to use some of them!!
  5. Do you guys think HAC looks better in alligator or in croc? Is it hard to maintain? What is the price difference between ostrich and alligator anyway?
  6. I think Bagg's wallet is alligator-- if I recall correctly the square symbolizes alligator? Wow, an alligator HAC--would love to see that IRL.:love:
  7. i would really love to see pics of alligator and croc, side by side.........pls. just curious.
  8. Funny that this question came up. I have been thinking lately that I always see the croc Hermes bags, but no alligator!

    Off Topic: orchids I just cannot stop :drool: :drool: :drool: over the birkin in your avatar. Just had to let you know. :upsidedown:
  9. i'll have to look for some pix. croc has a little dot in the center of each scale and alligator does not. alligator has a meshy area between scales while croc doesn't, and as a result alligator scales are farther apart. i think croc looks more formal because the pattern is more regular and closer together.
  10. Hermes alligator Kelly :heart:
  11. love that kelly...what color is that? graphite or black?? :love:
  12. Did the journo make a mistake of calling this an alligator instead of croc? Because it looks just like the croc. I'd this discussion with my SA recently, and she said alligator scales are bigger hence (further apart), and the picture above shows scales just like the croc bags I see all the time.
  13. I was shown an Alligator wallet this week at Hermes and the symboll next to the Hermes stamp was 2 gold dots like this . .
  14. .. is Niloticus Croc
    ^ is Porosus Croc
    Square is Alligator

    I think this is why I'm more partial toward porosus, it looks so different from alligator and niloticus.

    Actually do you guys know whether the croc used on other designer brands (i.e. Chanel, Gucci, Fendi Spy, etc) are alligator or are they niloticus croc or other kinds of croc? I've asked the sales there before and none of them have a clue what I'm talking about.