Alligator/Crocodile after 5pm?

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  1. Recently, I read in a classic fashion guide that alligator is for day use only and that it is not elegant to wear it for the evening. I'm thinking this advice must be really outdated since even Hermes is making evening clutches in exotics (not to mention Judith Lieber and others). Hermes wouldn't want us to be gauche, now would they? Besides, I love crocodile, alligator and lizard especially for small special bags and I do use them for evening. I didn't know I was breaking style "rules"! I plan to continue even if I am (I'm sure I break lots of other "rules" too), but I was wondering whether anyone else had heard this.
  2. That's interesting; what is the name of the fashion guide? I hadn't heard that rule before, and in any case I don't follow it, but I'd love to know the source.
  3. that's a VERY old-fashioned rule, from when ladies wore white gloves and hats to go out during the day. shoes and bags for evening were never any kind of leather, but silk or other fabric.
  4. You, my friend, are a wealth of knowledge!
  5. lol, i should probably free up those brain cells for something a little more useful!
  6. I like exotic more in the evening...uh oh!

    i.e.- that picture of Demi with her mini kelly in black croc...stunning...absolutely stunning
  7. I remember reading something like that - was is 'Elegance' by Madame Dariaux, not sure if the name is correct. She does recommend buying the best bags possible and mentions Hermès, so she got a few things right, lol.

    (I think exotic looks great for evening bags, wouldn't hesitate if I could brook the expense)
  8. I agree with User - I think the exotics look even hotter at night! But it won't stop me from carrying whatever I want, whenever I want. I'm not one to hide things away just because someone spouts off rules. I'll be the one deciding what I wear, not rules in some dusty book!
  9. I have that book too and LOVE it! What an insight to the's great fun to read!!!!

    As far as exotics for day or night......I take my vintage Croc Kelly out during the day as often as I can. Funny thing is that I don't generally use her in the evenings! I probably use my Black Chamonix Kelly Elan much more at night.........
  10. I've read that book too, and remember thinking that must be a very outdated rule! I see exotics as being MORE appropriate for evenings, in most cases.
  11. This is very true, and this is what I have been taught as a child (yes I know outrageously outdated education considering I am only in my thirties...).
    I am still so much influenced about these stupid but big NO NO's I heard during my upbringing, that every time I think about a leather bag (any leather bag even tiny and precious) for an evening formal occasion, I feel somehow guilty; but you know what, just as DQ said, I think it's time to update wardrobes, so let's just keep in mind goodsense and let's go ahead with small exotics for evening.
    Please, just leave home that birkin 40cm in matte barenia croc...
  12. Yes, that's the book. I picked it up after seeing Princess B hugging it.
  13. The book was published in 1964 and republished in 2004. I think it's a good guide to simple elegance and minimalism, so far--haven't finished it.