Alligator Alma

  1. What does anyone know about the black alligator alma? I've seen it before in person.
  2. I know its $16,000 plus lol
  3. I know it is GORGEOUS!!!!
  4. It is lovely.
  5. Behold the Alligator Alma
    *chorus of angels*
    alli alma.jpg

  6. WOW, That is one gorgeous-to-the-nth-degree bag!
  7. costs ~18 000$CAD for the PM size, polished gold brass hardware, the shape is more of the Suhali lockit style, and it comes with a lil cardholder.

    Downsides: I thought the glazing looked kinda messy and the clochette looked cheap...

    EDIT: Sorry, the above is for the alligator LOCKIT.
  8. i know someone who has one the closure is like an s-lock and it's larger than the regular alma. they got it through connections with someone in the vuitton family. it has a plaque inside engraved with her name
  9. That is TDF!!!