Allergy Medications

  1. What do you recommend? I've been using Claritin but I don't think it works for me. I prefer pills. What is the best thing I can get without a prescription?
  2. I used to take Claritan but it stopped working. I'm on Zyrtec now.
    Benedryl is OTC.
  3. My magic potion is Zyrtec and Rhinocort nasal spray.
  4. I find that Zyrtec is WAY better than claritin
  5. I agree with everyone else, Zyrtec works way better. The only downside is that it makes you drowsy (at least the one I'm prescribed w/), but I take it at night and I get a really good sleep (I suffer from frequent insomnia). Plus, I am sure this is different but I don't need to take it everyday. I just take it at night when I feel like my allergy is acting up, and it somehow calms it down for several days. With Claritin/allegra, I had to take it everyday.
  6. Zyrtec usually only causes a minor amount of drowsiness in some people, after a few days of it building up in your system you could start taking it any time of day.
    It's best when used pretty regularly, not as needed.
    I heard it's going off patent this fall = will be available in generic.
    New Xyzal is out now is supposed to be slightly better.
  7. I'm on this great stuff called Astelin Nasal Spray. My doctor put me on it instead of taking my zyrtec and Rhinocort. It takes the place of the 2.....kind of like 2 in 1. Works AWESOME!
  8. my magic potion is singulair, zyrtec with nasonex and patanol eye drops. Zyrtec does make me a little drowsy, so i take it at bedtime.
  9. Thanks for the recommendations everyone! I can't wait to try these out. I'm so sick of always sniffling and sneezing in a quiet room with other people. So awkward.