Food Allergic to Seafood?


Feb 12, 2006
Please help me! I had a severe reaction to tuna last week about 12 hours after eating it (I broke out in severe hives and had joint swelling, heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, fatigue, etc.) and I obviously can't have it or anything related. I've never had a food allergy before, and need advice on how others manage their seafood allergies. Does anyone know of any good resources or have any tips/tricks to share? Any help would be so appreciated. TIA!:flowers:

My dad says this is God's way of making me a vegetarian, since I already don't eat beef or pork :roflmfao:.


Accesories Addict
Mar 25, 2006
My boyfriend is allergic to all seafood. He can't eat it at all and if I cook fish for myself just the smell alone will make his eyes start burning. I reccomend going to an allergist to see what kinds of seafood you're allergic to.


Mar 28, 2008
Maybe your doctor will recommend carrying an epi pen, if it is that bad. It would also help to find out how sensitive you are too it. Otherwise you may not be able to eat foods that are fried in the same oil as seafood, or be in proximity to it ie. hibachi, sushi bar, etc.


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May 13, 2008
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Agree with the epi-pen and get an inhaler as well. Make an appointment to see the allergist and get a professional diagnosis - it has to also be determined whether you're just allergic to fish but can have shellfish or allergic to all seafood. Be careful at restaurants - make sure you notify the manager of your allergy and inform the waitstaff. Be careful in all Asian restaurants in case they use fish sauce/fish based oil in foods/noodles. You shouldn't have a problem with groceries. Most of the stuff (including canned veggies) and junk food don't contain seafood. If you want to be safe, purchase organic foods - less ingredients, less chance of cross-contamination. It's almost the same with any food allergies - do your best to avoid the allergens. This means you might have to do your cooking at home as much as possible (to be the safest).

Personally, I wish I have a seafood allergy (though I do love lobster) instead of wheat, gluten and corn! :lol:

Btw, avoid seafood restaurants - and Japanese sushi restaurants!!! Good luck with managing your allergy!