allergic to mosquito bites?

  1. A mosquito bite is an allergic reaction - no matter how small the bump is. If you get a bump, small or big, from a mosquito bite this is an allergic reaction.

    I don't get a reaction to the North American mosquitos, but the minute I go to Europe, I get huge bumps from the mosquitos there :sad:

    Instead of scratching, I smack/slap them or make an "x" in them with pressure from my nail ... works well and avoids scabs/scars.
  2. I have the same issues with mosquito bites too!!!:sad: I usually put an ice pack on it and take some anit-histamines (Claritin/Benadryl) and that helps with the swelling and itching. When I go to the cottage or spend extended time outdoors, I spray myself with Off-Skintastic and go indoors at dusk.
  3. Yep, Swanky, I'm like your DH...they always divebomb ME in a crowd, LOL. I get red, flat, stiff welts on my lower legs (where they usually find me). Today they were so stiffening on my legs I couldn't finish my running workout.

    I use an Off! spray (when I remember to) in the summer and an over the counter cortizone cream to stop the itching and swelling as much as I can.

    Putting ammonia on them helps control the swelling/itching, but it has to be done right away after you are bitten. I have actually done this once, but more often than not I don't have ammonia at the ready when I get bit, LOL.
  4. I had a special prescription cream--sorry the name escapes me--for years and sadly it didn't do a thing. I have to agree w other posters and suggest taking benadryl immediately and icing them. I have a few bites on my face from this past wkend that I was so careful not to scratch and iced immediately, but they are now bigger than ever, flat, and look like bruises :sad: I hate to sound so vain, but they are just so ugly, not to mention that they really hurt when they "tighten" up.
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    I have always had bad reactions to them. I remember counting over 75 on me one time after going to the beach :sad: My friends always ask what happened to you. They are these really swollen huge bumps that look puffy and white for a few hours and then they turn huge red and hard . They usually take a few weeks to go away. When I lived in Vermont the mosquitos were so bad I had to wear long sleeves pants and bug repellant every time I went out even in summer. The mosquito bites I got in Italy did not look as big as the ones in the US thankfully :smile: I just try to avoid going to areas where there are a lot of them and going outside for a long period of time at night especially.
  6. I remember as kid going camping...they would bite me *through my pants, no joke.*

    More recently, I was visiting my cousin in Wisconsin and we stepped out side the (screened) back porch, which is essential in that part of the country, and guess what? The mosquitoes found me in the one spot on my ankle where I had missed with the bug spray.

    Tonight I have 3 on my lower left leg which are getting flatter and less red after 3 days but still annoying. Gawd I can't stand this!
  7. Yup, I have this problem too. I once had an area on my knee swell up so bad it lasted for a week. I went to a doctor and she gave me some creams and antibiotics.
    This year hasn't been so bad for mosquitos, but last year was terrible. My legs just looked gross.
  8. I've never been a mosquito magnet, but when I went to Taiwan last summer, I got eaten alive if I don't put bug repellent on (and they only went for my legs...). Funny, since I don't react all that much to mosquitoes in the US, but abroad they're SO SO SO itchy and I even have a scar from one of the bites. I'm thinking it's the environment under which the mosquitoes were born, must be since that's the only difference. I absolutely loathe mosquitoes...
  9. My family thinks I am. When I go home, or anywhere they are prevalent, they tear me up and I look like I have whelps on my body.
  10. I am!

    The bite spot gets all sucks!!! I just itch...never thought of Benadryl, though!
  11. This just happened to me on Saturday! I got horrible, huge red swelling on my foot and leg, and even a toe swelled up. The one on my foot hurts when I walk, it's so bad. Ammonia helps for the itching, but not the swelling, really.
  12. It's crazy how some people never get insect bites and I'm the one they all head for to bite. What's scary as I get older is the bites are leaving permanent marks--the dermatologist says it's scar tissue. Some aren't very big, but some are noticable and I hate it.
  13. I have the same bite and I swell up like crazy. And its funny, mosquitos NEVER seem to bite anyone else around me!!!! It must be because I am so 'sweet.' ;)
  14. urghhhhh I get such bad reactions to them too. The worst is when I wake up in the middle of the night because I am itching so bad! I use the Off spray too but they still somehow want to bite me!
  15. Bumping this up after it came up in a google search weirdly enough.
    I had a bite on my foot from Sunday night, Monday it was just a small itchy red bump, and then yesterday and today the majority of my foot has ballooned up and I have a ridiculous rash, slight bruising and nothing relieves the itching! I have been using cortisone cream and it still seems like the rash is spreading...The area is also so hot it feels like I could cook an egg...The doctor prescribed something for me last summer but I didn't get it because it was around $80 for the cream and I didn't want to spend the money on something if it ended up not working. I really hate being allergic to mosquitoes :sad: