Allergic Reactions - Please help!

  1. I haven't had allergic reactions to many things at all, and usually it has been just mild stuff like sneezing, the itches etc, which subsided as soon as whatever irritated me was removed from my vicinity. But what happened to me last night scared the heck out of me.

    I was all right until dinnertime. I went for a talk held on campus, and they served hors d' oeuvres before the talk started - and the talk itself lasted for about 45 minutes. I ate a hors d' oeuvre with cheese on it and my mouth felt a bit funny/numb/swollen. Then I came home and had dinner, and right after dinner my face and throat started swelling up like crazy, and I couldn't swallow or breathe. I was rushed to ER and pumped full of steroids, which actually made the swelling die down almost visibly. I was discharged a couple hours later with a prescription for steroids, and told to see my physician ASAP.

    The earliest I can see my doctor is Monday. But until then I'm so scared.....I don't KNOW what triggered off such a major allergic reaction. I'm afraid to eat or drink anything. I'm sitting home, feeling rather shaky.

    Does anyone have any idea of how I can deal with this?
  2. You need to see an allergy specialist and get an epi-pen ASAP.

    I dont mean to scare you, but the same thing happened to a local girl at a work christmas party last week, and she died within half an hour - you were very lucky!
  3. I had the exact same thing happen with my 1 year old son....When we rushed him to the hospital they asked what he ate in detail and they deducted it was probably from the sesame in the Tahina sauce. So in the meantime we had to stay away from all nuts and sesame until we saw an allergy doctor. So they did full allergy testing and he has life threatening allergies to nuts, sesame, eggs and shellfish.

    So try and remember what exactly you ate and see what of them could be a major allergen cause.

    I always have my son's epi-pen with me just incase! They should have given you one at the hospital before your left.
  4. EEEP!
  5. Oh sorry - i really wasnt wanting to scare you - just wanted to let you know how luck you were. She had eaten a spring-roll and was apparently allergic to something in the seafood.
  6. :yes: ask for several epi-pens to keep in different places and try and narrow down EXACTLY what set it off.
    ALso, keep Benadryl close by:yes:
  7. ^^Thank you. I do realize how lucky I am. I am keeping Benadryl, and I have my prescription steroids for now (Prednisone 40mg, 1 daily)
  8. See a specialist. You don't have to scare yourself with worry because things will work out once you find what you are allergic to. Keep Benadryl with you at all times, they have them in melt a ways that are easy to carry in your purse. Also a Epi-pen will probably be needed. My friend's son is highly allergic to many foods but she has him on a strict program and he has been please know that it can be kept under control. I am just wondering if there could be a possibility of some seafood in the thing you ate? Is there anyway you can find out all the ingriedents of what you ate? If the event was catered, they would know and if it was store bought they should know too. That would really help in the first step for the doctor trying to focus on what to start with.
    Good luck.
  9. I've thought back and the only culprit I can think of is some cheese...I really didn't eat much but the hors d' oeuvres appeared to have some spiced cheese mix - it was on a cheese platter and I think it was filled with some kind of spiced cheese.
  10. CALL wherever u ate it at..ASK THEM what was in the food u ate..It ll help narrow down what u r allergic to..I carry epi pens!!!!
  11. See a specialist, and get the blood/skin tests. It's so strange: son's allergist says there now is a high incidence of adults developing various food allergies. The doctor will give you an epi pen.

    My son has multiple food allergies and it's very scary. He has three epi pens, one to travel and two in the places he visits the most. People tend to shrug off food allergies but they can be life threatening. Take care of yourself and make an appt. with an allergist asap. Be sure to tell her what you think was in the dish so that she can include those things in the list for the blood test.
  12. what the others have said. I had (I'm going to mess up the spelling) an anaphylactic reaction to penicillin when I was young--I won't go into detail but it was life-threatening. I know someone who reacted to an ingredient and the results were tragic--she was vegetative for 3 yrs before dying. I don't say this to freak you out, but to show how deadly serious this is.

    Merika, it sounds like you need epi-pens and to work with a top allergist to find out what brought this on.

    Best of luck with this investigation, hon, and take extra care of yourself.
  13. I cannot schedule an appointment with an allergist this week (because of the holidays) but will try next Monday.

    Thank you all for the advice! :heart: I truly appreciate it!!
  14. how are you feeling now, recovered?
    Allergies like that are frightening!
  15. Yes...a bit shook up but much better, thank you!!! :heart: