Allergic Reaction???

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  1. Ok, so I woke up yesterday morning and my lips (which are big already) were like Melanie Griffith big. Yeah. Swollen, red, blotchy, and around the lips (like really annoying lipliner) and on the lips themselves were these really hard, painful bumps....I've taken allergy pills and had ice on them all day and used Vaseline to keep the skin from breaking...but the swelling still hasn't gone down.

    I haven't changed skin care regiments, make up, anything. I haven't eaten anything that I haven't eaten before....HELP ME!
  2. Hmmm...did you drink something that contained alcohol? Sometimes when I over drink, my lips swell...but you said you took Benadryl-like drugs, so that should have taken care of the swelling. How are your lips this morning?
  3. this happens to me when i eat kiwis. keep it really clean and dry for a day and if it doesnt go down see a doctor
  4. Take 2 benedryl right away....u need to find out what caused it.Each allergic reaction gets MORE intense each time..I allergic to ALOT.See an allergist and get tested asap.

  5. i agree. if you don't find out what caused it, your reaction could be really scary next time. and it doesn't matter if you've used something before. i'm allergic to benzoyl peroxide but didn't know until a product i'd used for a while made my face swell up so bad i couldn't see.

    good luck!
  6. I agree, you need to seek advice from a doctor. Allergies can develop at any time.
    As a child I was able to have and use products containing nuts and nut oils but in my late teens and on I became severely allergic.
  7. The lips are no better. When I put ice on them now they go down, but they itch horribly. They're all knotty and really painful. I'm allergic to everything too and I know what to stay away from. I haven't done anything I haven't done before....If it's not gone by this time next week, I'm going to a doc. I hate Doctors and try to avoid them. Benadryl takes care of the itching. They're not as swollen so I don't look like Angelina Jolie in a bad way.
  8. missbaby, hey you need to go see a doctor at a minimum. he might give you a cortisone shot.

    and then like the other gals suggested, go see an allergist. it might involve some detailed note taking about your diet and products used for a few weeks/months.

    hope the swelling goes down soon!

    Angelina Jolie lips look good though =)
  9. Please don't wait a week before seeing a doctor. Allergic reactions can be more serious than we realize.