Allergic reaction to "Organic Wear" by Physician's Formula...

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  1. I decided to try that new "Organic Wear" line by Physician's Formula, and bought some of the tinted moisturizer. It went on smooth and smelled really nice... but hours later, I had a terrible acne breakout on my face that took almost a week to get under control!

    Has anyone else had this experience? It's weird, because I thought since the ingredients were all natural, that wouldn't happen to me... Plus, it contains calendula and olive oil, which is supposed to be *good* for your skin... WTF...? :tdown:
  2. ^^^I'm so sorry that happended to you....that really sucks!! Sometimes that all natural stuff can be weird like that.I just took back this Clinique Even Better that was suppost to fade acne scars, and it made me break out instead!! BTW, I love your friends don't let friends shop at Macy's:tup:
  3. Natural or organic doesn't necessarily mean kind.
    Poison ivy's toxin is an all natural/organic substance, yet see what damage it does to humans.