Allergic reaction to new product - help!

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  1. I have sensitive skin, and I tried out a new product this weekend. Disaster! I used it once, and had a bad allergic reaction. I now have little bumps from my cheekbones down to my chin. I didn't wear any makeup today, hoping that would help them to go away, but they are still there and my skin looks so awful. Does anyone have suggestions for how to make a lasting allergic reaction go away? The bumps are not red, but they are slightly raised and sensitive. Any suggestions are much appreciated!
  2. you should do a thread search because I remember another member had the same thing happen to her. I hope it gets better:flowers:
  3. The same thing happened to me with an eye cream. you can probably return it and get your money back. i know i did.
    otherwise i just waited for it to clear up..i had red bumps all over my eyes
  4. Thanks, missjenny, I'll do a search right now. I'm desperate for a solution! PrincessMe, I'm so sorry to hear that the same thing happened to you. I think I will try to return the product, since I only used it once. Thanks both of you!
  5. ^^^:amazed: You poor thing...that sounds painfull!!
  6. I wish I could give you more info...I think she had a reaction to Nars foundation...hope that helps a little!!
  7. Oh missjenny, you are the best! It sounds like I have the same problem she did, though I didn't use Nars. I wish I had that soothing mask! If my skin isn't feeling better when I wake up tomorrow morning, I am going to get the mask after work tomorrow and continue to avoid wearing any makeup until I'm all cleared up. I'm so upset because I was trying a fun product on a whim and should not have added anything new to my usual lineup. But you guys are an amazing help - thanks again!
  8. aww feel better soon :flowers:
  9. :upsidedown: Your welcome!! Let us know how things work out!!
  10. get well soon!! allergic reactions suck!
  11. Thanks so much for your advice and good wishes! It seems to be much calmer today, not totally gone, but way better than yesterday. I hope I can return my purchase. It was a costly mistake for my wallet and my face! Thanks again everyone. You are all so sweet :smile:
  12. Definitely return the product! My skin isn't sensitive, but I ended up having a reaction to a new product. My neck, chin and cheeks all broke out in little red hot bumps. Nothing I could do for it but wait for it to clear up on it's own. I sent the product back for a refund.
  13. I've had allergic reactions to some toner, but Aquaphor healed it within 2 days! Try this if you have it!
  14. you could also try taking benadryl or any other should take care of some of the allergic reaction. sorry this happened! :sad: