Allen, Tx outlet...any updates?

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  1. Is anyone going this weekend? I called last night to get on the "call list" for a few items (yeah, good luck) and they said they had about 90 boxes that had come in and had to be uploaded for this weekend.

    Please report if you see any of the Legacy leather crossbody or mini skinny. I am really wanting the amethyst, but gray would be good too.

    Unfortunately, I can't just drive down on the weekends if there isn't anything I am looking for....I am so jealous of those that can make a "drive by" trip!
  2. I may go this weekend...don't know. Would like to either find a Sophie in the right color/price, or an Ergo pleated hobo in another color besides black. AND maybe a medium instead of a large...but don't know if these will still be 50% off the regular price. Does anyone know if they are going to have the 50% off clearance again this wkend?
  3. OMG, 90 BOXES?!?! Darnit, my mom went to Nashville for the weekend. She probably wouldn't make a run for me anyways. Oh well. I don't have any money left anyways.
  4. 90 boxes? I wasn't thinking about going but now I may have to change my mind.
  5. Great...I was going to stay away till the middle of the month. I'm waiting on that Legacy Slim Tote, and the turnlock minis also!
  6. Hey! I just returned from Allen. They had a TON of new items...but no 50% off. The best was 40%, and a lot of that was off the outlet price before markdowns. I'm hoping w/in the next 14 days they will have more off and I can do a price adjustment!!

    I'll post in the regular forum about what I purchased.

    Here is what I remember:

    -Sophies in black leather, plum,blue,mahogany patent,metallic, sig, and I think I saw a white one.
    -Delphines in metallic (all I saw)
    -Patent totes/sig totes..several different sizes, and the LARGE tote..almost like a grocery bag..still Bleeker.
    -A really cute bleeker flap w/2 front pockets in black, tan and white.
    -Bleeker leather and patent mini-skinnys, wristlets, wallets. Also leather ones. They had the patchwork wallet (that matched the tote)
    -Duffles in Green and Wine

    -a table of Camel Gigis...about 6. That's all I saw.
    -Legacy stripe Zip Wallet (Lg).

    -Large Pleated Hobos in Mahogany and Black
    -Medium Pleated Hobos in Metallic, rose, black? and Mahog.
    -Pleated Totes in Metallic and maybe one other color
    -Wallets to match

    Heritage Stripe:
    -Lg satchel w/pocket in front in Berry and Brown
    -XL totes in Berry..maybe large
    -Beauty cases in tattersall (on outside) and berry
    -not sure are
    bout wristlets, etc..
    gular H.stripe that has been around awhile

    -lg. in SEVERAL colors; grey, black, cream, etc.
    -Med. in bronze, lavender, beet, etc. A few siggies. The bronze was gorgeous.

    -Tons of many I can't even remember all; bleeker patent, the gorgeous Hamptons turnlock ones in ALL kinds of leather colors, many others.
    -Mini-Skinnies...I just saw my patent Bleeker one. I'm sure there were more.
    -Wallets: Lots of different kinds, esp. Bleeker. The patent large ones and small ones, patchwork, and siggy. Several Legacy stripe Lg. Zip wallets. (new ones)

    They still had lots of outlet mdse. I'm sure there was more. One of these days I will take notes! Hope this helps someone out!

  7. Oh, they also had lots of the denim sig patent stripe in totes and satchels. CUTE!
  8. I just called the outlet about the bleeker signature wallets and they said that they only had the denim ones left but I also know that could change tomorrow. I may go out there tomorrow.
  9. OOOO! thanks for the update CC for C! I am going next weekend and just hope they still have some of this great stuff- or at least more great stuff. I've never been to Allen- it's a good drive from where I am in the metroplex- but I've held off long enough and can't talk my DH into a drive to Round Rock or San Marcos anytime soon.
  10. I just got home from Allen and are some pics of what I got. These are pics from coach/ebay since my camera has decided it no longer wants to work.

    [​IMG]$167.40 (large)
    I never thought I would want this wallet but I just had to have it. I like it more than the bag. I also got one of the women's skinny hat's in black that has the C's on the part this is flipped up.
  11. OOOPs I forgot to add that the wallet was $132.99 and the hat was $39.
  12. Did they still have a ton of stuff, or was it already picked through? I'm watching a patent sophie on the bay because I'm kind of scared they'll all be gone by the time I get there saturday.
  13. Great deals by the way!
  14. Here are more pics of what I found since I am horrible with the actual names.

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]All of these were in assorted colors and they also had all of the denim stuff also.

    They also had the signature stripe in berry (?)
    [​IMG][​IMG]They also had it in the convertible shoulder bag.

  15. They had the patent and signature Sophie's and I think they may last until Saturday. Call on Thursday and have them hold one for you. You shouldn't have a problem finding a matching wallet either ( in case you were looking for one). I can't remember what else they had but if you are looking for something specific let me know and I will see if I can remember seeing it there.