Allen, Texas Outlet....Will they Ship?

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  1. Does anyone know? This is my nearest outlet. I have never been because it 3.5+ hours away. I'm curious to know if they will ship to my home. If so, will the items be at the outlet prices or full retail?
  2. To my understanding, if they ship it will be at full price.
  3. That is what I thought. But it was worth a question. Thanks. And you couldn't use the PCE over the phone, right?
  4. hey giirl! i dunno bout the shipping thing but i am also in oklahoma! what part are you in? im sw ok
  5. I don't think the outlet will do PCE over the phone, but some people bend the rules about that. They will hold an item for you up to 48 hrs, so if there's something you really want and they have it, you can do a road trip down to TX!
  6. I called Allen and they don't ship. Neither does San least that's the scoop I got!
  7. Also SW: Elgin, next to Lawton. How about you?
  8. hey girl! Im in lawton! Hi neighbor!

    btw: i will be at the allen tx outlet next weekend, so let me know before then if you'd like me to look out for something for ya!