Allegra Versace Beck in rehab for anorexia

  1. They say she has dropped to 70 lbs.

    Fashion queen Donatella Versace is in the depths of despair as her only daughter clings to life in her battle against anorexia.

    Weighing a shocking 32kg, Allegra Beck Versace has been forced to undergo treatment in a medical and psychiatric facility. Insiders say the 20-year-old's condition is so dire she's under 24-hour supervision and must be fed through a naso-gastric tube.

    A Versace family employee witnessed Allegra's deterioration. "It was the most sad and traumatic experience of my life," he said. "Her arms are like candlesticks. Her skin is this unnatural colour I've never seen before."

    This is an old pic:
  2. :sad: I hope she comes out OK
  3. Yeah, me too. Hope she works it out. Poor thing. She's looking awfully lolipopheadish in that picture too.
  4. Donatella needs to really cut down on the facial work :wtf:
  5. Wishing her daughter a speedy and full recovery.
    on another note,
    Seems like Donatella doesn't know when to say when..
    with her plastic surgery.
  6. wow thats so sad...hope she gets better
  7. thats very sad
  8. How terrible :sad:
  9. Aw such a shame, and she is such a beautiful and lucky young lady with the world at her fingertips.
    Kind regards to all of the Versace family.
  10. She has been struggling with this for some time now.
    I'm glad they are not trying to pass it off as "hypoglycemic" or "exhaustion".
    I wish her the best
  11. I wish her a speedy recovery.:yes: ITA about Donatella she looks like a cat!
  12. Oh, my God! Donatella is the next Jocelyn Wildenstein, aka The Cat Lady!

    On a more important note, I hope Allegra gets the help she desperately needs! She's a beautiful young woman and the poor thing looks like she's wasting away!
  13. It's so sad because mother and daughter are what you may call "body-dismorphic".....I think that is the term. They can't even help one another.
  14. I hope for the best. She's so young.
  15. I just read an article on them -- she seemed like she was a normal-sized person.