All Zippy wallet owners

  1. Hello everyone,
    this is my first time posting a thread :sweatdrop:
    Im looking to buy a new wallet in Azur and i cant decide whether to get the koala or the zippy or tresor international in the monogram canvas.

    Just wondering if the zippy wallet is abit of a hassle to get into it after while cos you have to zip and unzip all the time??? Or isnt it as bad as i think? They both look gorgeous i just cant decide! help!

  2. It isn't a pain and I love its slims profile. I've thought about using my groom zippy as a clutch.
  3. i like it much better than the koala! get it!
  4. I like my Zippy wallet more than the Pochette Porte Monnaie. I like that it can be a secure clutch with the all around zipper. It's a bit large, but my so are my bags. I don't the the snap button closer wallets like the Porte Monnaie because the ends stick out when I stuff it with too much receipts. I normally don't zip my wallet in the purse which makes it easy for me to just locate a cc and pull it out for payment.
  5. I have the zippy wallet and love it - it is not a hassle to use. The zipper makes it more secure - sometimes when unzippered wallets get really full, they are difficult to close. I have never had this problem with the zippy. A good investment!
  6. the zippy wallet does make it more secure. i'm not scared that something will fall out. i like this wallet a lot.
  7. My Mom has a Zippy, and I have a Juicy and Coach wallet in the same style, we usually leave them open in our bags
  8. Zippa dee du da-Zippa de eh.... love mine...:p
  9. thanks ladies! this helps alot! and plus my sis already has the monogram canvas koala wallet, so i dont really want the same.
    Azur zippy it is! :wlae: i cant wait!
  10. I just got one and love it.
  11. Well, even though you're already set let me chime in that I love my epi zippy wallet. I always have tonnes of receipts as well as lots of credit cards, gift cards, cash - my gosh my wallet carries more than most people's purses. Zippy carries it all with amazing grace! I love this wallet. I never worry about anything falling out - the zipper takes care of that. It's definitely not a pain to zip and unzip - it's the perfect wallet.

    Now go BUY one!!
  12. oops, nm!
  13. I have that issue with my pti when i get too much money in there its very hard to snap closed.
    I tried the pochette passport wallet and didnt care for the zipper coin part, plus the wallet is much taller then the pti and was hard to handle. I ended up selling it.

    I have thought about the pochette wallet and the zippy (not the organizer) but worried it would be too big as well.
    I would love for a new wallet but concerned..
  14. my mom has the zippy. she likes it alot, and it doesnt bother her unzipping and zippnig it
  15. I have had most of those styles and just received the Mini Lin Zippy and it is very easy to get into..I LOVE LOVE it!!