All you styling LV lovers... what bag do you carry to work ? describe it !!!!

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  1. All you styling LV lovers... what bag do you carry to work ? describe it !!!!

    do you carry a LV bag ? which one ?
    describe your everyday work bag...
  2. I change my bags pretty regularly but my favorite LV workbag is probably my Montaigne GM.
  3. I change my bags frequently so it runs the gamut - Totally, Cluny, Kensington bowling and even my absolutely “unfunctional” but loved Alma Vernis Rouge Fauviste. I have other non LV bags, particularly Prada that all go to work. Right now, I’m using my Xmas gift Medium Burberry Banner in Navy.
  4. I used to like to carry twist mm, now cappucine pm. I carry celine more often to work. I like more understated bags for work purpose.
  5. When I need to bring my laptop I usually carry my neverfull GM in DE or a tory burch tote in a neutral tone. When I don’t need my laptop I usually take my neverfull MM my world tour with me , my artsy in empreinte aurore or my neverfull GM in DE.
    It just all really depends on the location and the people I’m meeting, most of the times it is pretty casual and no one really cares for what bag I’m carrying.
  6. Mono NF and DE Totally PM :tup::tup:
  7. Noir Twinset mostly and then my Chanel WOC.
  8. I’m a LV mixed print disaster at work. Men’s noir logo backpack and Alma B.B. in Damier for to and fro work, monogram Neverfull GM for workout wear at lunch, and I keep a Neverfull MM in damier with rose ballerine interior for running from meeting to meeting. Also have a GM agenda for meeting notes and PM agenda for personal appts (but that stays in my Alma at work). Kind of a hodgepodge but it takes many systems to keep me sane and organized. Still trying to achieve sane and organized...
  9. I just got the jersey in noir for work and am in love!
  10. My go to work bags are Neverful DE Rose Ballarine interior or Delightful MM Pivoine (SP?) interior. I'll admit i probably carry more than I need on a daily basis but feel lost if I am at work and need something. I've been considering adding a Palm Springs PM in the mix as well.
  11. Normally I use my Saint-Germain (Noir) MM or for lighter days the Twist LV, or my Boetie Satchel (PM). Oh and matching wallets for all of them just make me smile :biggrin: Lvoe :heart:
  12. I would love to be able to use some sort of LV tote for work, but I take public transportation and then have to walk several blocks to get to my office. I've found out the hard way that using any sort of tote or briefcase to carry around my laptop and assorted work files is just far too heavy and cumbersome for me. I therefore went back to using a trusty old nylon Tumi backpack for laptop, files, water, etc., and then I couple that with a smaller LV purse for wallet, keys, phone and other essentials. Based on what I'm wearing, I regularly rotate between a few Alma BBs and my new fav, an epi Neo Noe. I've often considered getting an LV backpack (e.g., the Palm Springs MM or even one from the men's line), but I always end up falling for yet another small handbag instead.
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  13. I’m a speedy girl all the way! I’ve loved her since I first saw her on Newlyweds and loved her the three years I’ve had her.
  14. Babylone Tote in DE for laptop and business papers, notebooks and I rotate handbags. Monday I wore the Monceau in Epi, Tuesday a work horse vintage leather Coach, today no bag just pochette and key pouch tucked in tote and tomorrow = undecided.
  15. I change bags a lot for work but I gravitate to the Siena often. DE for work is my preference.