All You So.Cal. Girls And Your Kooba's!!!!

  1. You are in my thoughts--Good luck!! :heart::heart::heart:
  2. Thank you!!

    Jeez, I put all of my Koobas/other bags in plastic bags and taped them up! I am so afraid that this BBQ smell will get them all stinky!!
  3. Are oyu home???!!! I would have taken my bags with me!!! :smile:

  4. I have everything in crates in my closet anyway. The house does smell though. It depends on which way the wind is blowing. It was clear this morning, but all around us is orange and smelly...:tdown:
  5. Oh my---I can't even imagine. The CNN images are just incredible. Here in the midwest all we ever have to worry about are the occasional tornado or flood. SAVE THE KOOBA's!! (although I'm sure that is the least of your worries) I just want to keep the htread relevant :smile:
  6. Thanks, posk51! I've put a few things in a bag, mostly my dog's essentials, just in case.

    Please be safe, those who live in our beautiful but volatile state, especially those in San Diego county. :heart:
  7. You're welcome katscorps! I hope the fires don't get too close to you and poochie :smile:

  8. My thoughts are with you gals.....granted we only worry about hurricanes her in s. fla, and that's enough to deal with, but the pics of those fires and the thought of 500,00 people being homeless really pulls at the heartstrings ~ STAY SAFE. :heart:
  9. (((Hugs)))

    My thoughts are with you and your Koobas!!!
  10. The only thing we have to worry about over here in Saudi Arabia is terrorism. Thankfully it's been relatively quiet and safe for a while now.

    The pictures of southern California on the news have been awful. It really saddens me to think of all the wildlife that haven't been able to get away. Stay safe girls and above all, be sensible and make sure you're not taking any risks.

    PS. If any Koobas go up in smoke, make sure it's the newer Fall range (especially that flying nun bag!). I don't think anyone would miss them.
  11. Shewolfy - Are you safe??? We were just allowed home after two days of evacuation. Handbags all seem to be fairing well.....
  12. ugh! we haven't heard from her in about 24 hours. I sent an email her way but nothing, which is unusual :smile: I'm sure they are safe they might have had to evacuate. My stomach is sick for all you guys and I'm so glad you and your Kooba's are safe, Gracieloo!!!!

  13. I hope you are all ok! We are thinking of you.
  14. LOL, Mini, that Fall collection will always stay in our minds as that time Kooba lost the grip, hopefully they will regain it for spring..

    I always worry about the wildlife as well, we have horrible fires here in Australia, in the middle of summer it doesn't take much to set it off, those poor koalas up the trees unable to get away...

    Stay safe, girls, and forget about the bags if it gets nasty, just look after yourselves and your families...
  15. Thinking of you!!!