All you need is luck...

  1. In the city where luck is everything, I got lucky! :yahoo: Where else but Las Vegas?
  2. do tell . . .
  3. Every year I go to Vegas for a work conference (1/3 work, 2/3 shopping/eating/gambling!). Of course I stop in the H store to see what goodies they have, but am never there enough to build a relationship with any one SA. So on the plane, I told DH, unless there is a small black box kelly on the shelf, I probably won't be getting a bag on this trip. And we all know there is RARELY a kelly, much less a box kelly on the shelf at this store! Imagine my surprise when I walked into the H store in the Bellagio!
  4. What should I spy but...this beauty sitting on the shelf just waiting to come home with me!
  5. Yep, that's my 25cm black box kelly, my dream bag just sitting there as soon as I stepped through the door! DH who doesn't know a birkin from a kelly from a coach, saw the bag and immediately started mentally rearranging clothes in our luggage to make room for a large orange box! I'm just over the moon about this bag! It's so beautiful, and I can't believe how solid and well built it is! This is the first time I've handled a kelly and the quality really shows.

    I'm not one for long stripteases, so here she is out of the box. Thanks for sharing in my excitement!
    100_0343.jpg 100_0344.jpg
  6. Beautiful bag!!!
  7. gorgeous!!! :yahoo:
  8. Major congrats, ouija! That is a beauty classic you just brought home. A 25cm kelly in BB really stops traffic.:love:
  9. Thanks, liness, crochetbella, licensetocook! She's sitting next to my computer as I type, just so i can stare at her! I forgot to say that she is a retourne kelly with gold hardware. I had my heart set on a sellier kelly, but as soon as I saw this bag any choosiness went out the window!
  10. Congratulations on scoring a real classic!
  11. Congratulations on you lucky find!
  12. Congrats, ouijaboard! She's gorgeous!
  13. Thanks, evekitti, duchess, elle tee! I stress the lucky part because in reality I am NEVER lucky at all! Except this time.
  14. Congrats, she's a beauty!
  15. Gorgeous.