ALL you MANHATTANERS-- have you seen this bag?!?

  1. Hello All--

    I am SERIOUSLY interested in purchasing this handbag.

    Here is what i need to ask since the DC area is not carrying it-- how big is this? Is it slim enough not to be too bulky? When you put your things in it it might slim down a bit-- i just prefer medium size handbags.

    How heavy is it? I recently purchased the Large Bleeker Flap and the hardware weighed the bag down.

    Please help?! I've returned about 2-3 purses this season because of these two reasons-- i'd love for this one to work out. :cursing:

    ps. what about the color-- toffee or ink?
  2. it's gorgeous. It's only 2" thick, so it's definitely slim. Ink for sure. And seeing as though it just came out this AM, not sure if anyone's seen IRL yet.
  3. I saw this bag yesterday at the Flagship store on 16th Street and Fifth Avenue.
    I was contemplating getting it as I like the simplicity of the design although I believe
    the price is too high for this bag. It is very slim. The strap is nice and thick so it stays on your shoulder. The bag is very light. It is a very lovely bag overall and I really think that you would love it. You can fit a magazine in this bag upright and pretty much everything you need to carry. I love that it is slim and does not have all the extra hardware.
  4. Liz, I have been lusting after this bag for months now! I just can't stomach the price either! How is the color? nice and rich? Does it stay on the shoulder better than the Ali? I'm having tons of problems keeping that one up...
  5. I'm also disappointed with the price of the hobo. I was excited to see a thinner hobo bag coming out and thought it would be priced in the $400 range but not $700! I could have a GiGi for less than that. :hysteric:
  6. Messengerbaglvr:

    It does seem like a more balanced bag which should stay on the shoulder.
    I do like the styling of this bag although the price is just too high. The color
    is a beautiful cognac/saddle color. I do find the price very prohibitive and don't
    know that I would pay this price. Maybe for the PCE but would they even be around
    then. The PCE price would be $567.34 but even that is alot. I am heading to my Outlet
    on Monday to see what I can find. I like you have the Ali. I don't really have any trouble with it staying on my shoulder though. Liz
  7. I am in love with this bag and it will be mine soon! I love it in the ink color and I also think the price is rather high but in all honesty, I don't care and i'll buy it anyway! I am considering waiting until PCE but I don't know if I can wait that long! And I always worry it will be gone, so we'll see!