all you jewelry and gem hounds -- how do you decide between hermes and bling?

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  1. i'm in the not unusual situtation of having about three bags that i seriously want, AND i just found an amazing sapphire. i love, love, love colored gemstones. and i love, love, love hermes. and i just don't know what to do. :crybaby:

    unfortunately i'm not in the unlimited budget category and have difficulty prioritizing my major purchases. (let's not even talk about how many times one of the "others" under consideration was an amazing horse -- but thankfully i'm fully horsed at the moment. :p)

    so, for example, how to decide between

  2. whoops!!!!!!!!! here's the rest . . .

    [​IMG]and [​IMG]
  3. hm... the croc is LOVELY. but the jewlery you can wear every day with far more than the bag- you know? i'm not much of a jewelry person but i'm assuming by buying the sapphire you'd make more than one piece with it? or no? i think it might be more versatile. but i'm sure i'm going to be in the minority.
  4. Uh oh. I don't like to choose, DQ. I tend to feel miserable when I have to give up one for the other. Tough situation, I say.
  5. i KNOWWWW!! :crybaby::crybaby: (insert hissy-fit here)
  6. no, h - that's actually a 7+ carat cabochon sapphire that would not be re-cut -- i suppose it could be, but it would lose a lot of value. it's simply a finished stone that's not faceted.
  7. ah. well i don't know much about those things as i said. i personally think the jewlery will get more use and you can probably always find a croc bag. but then again what do i know?
  8. Tough choice! Even though sapphire is my birthstone and that is a real beauty, I say go for the croc! I personally am only marginally a jewelry person, and maybe that's why.

    Everyone has choices to make, every day. Sadly, it's not realistic for 99.999% of people to get everything they want all the time, no matter how priveleged we may be. And for those who do, I don't know how they do it, but either they must be very very good, or very very bad in order to get their way all the time! :roflmfao:
  9. If the sapphire is certed, no heat, and country of origin, and a good price, I would go for it.
  10. certified no heat, sri lanka, $1000/ct. pretty good deal, eh? but the croc kelly i have in mind (not the one in the pic) is a great deal too. (another hissy-fit here -- i hate choices!!!)
  11. Now .... I have to assume that this 7+ cabochon sapphire is untreated and is a great intense blue for you, DQ to covet it. From Madagascar? But the price of this cannot equate to 3 H bags, right? Or am I getting my math wrong?

    Edit: our posts crossed.
  12. That is a good deal. Have you seen the stone in person, and/or do you really really trust the dealer? Buying gems sight unseen is not something I personally am brave enough for, but then again, I buy bags without seeing them all the time, so...LOL.

    Is the Croc Kelly also a great deal? Or just a good deal?

    I think the price point of the sapphire, if I'm correct, is a touch less than the price of a regular new H bag in leather; not a croc bag. So if the price of the Kelly is even at all comparable, I'd say it's a no brainer for me. Definitely the bag!
  13. no, mrs.s, i'm just babbling and not being clear -- the most expensive of the bags i'm considering is a croc kelly 35 for a smidge more than 10k, and the sapphire is going to be close to the same by the time i get it set.
  14. If the color looks great in person, with no windows, it is a great deal.
    Still, the Kelly would be easier to sell than the sapphire , if you wanted to get rid of one of the two, IMO.


    That is really a good deal on the bag, at least in my opinion.